Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Taste of the Week. Baked Jerusalem Bagels

Taste of the Week
Baked Jerusalem Bagels

Bread and Roses produce these ultra delicious flavourful baked Jerusalem bagels. They are made with milk and topped with pomegranate molasses and sesame seeds. They freeze perfectly and defrost quickly.

While bagels have a Jewish origin, there are many styles, many doughs, many toppings. The most common bagels are used like buns or rolls, for various fillings.

Jerusalem Bagels are different, used for dipping in yogurts or labneh, with hummus or baba ghanoush. I didn’t have any of those handy on the morning so just slathered it with Leamlara honey and the combo was superb. A cool Taste of the Week from Bread and Roses. Tip: give them (the bagels, not the bakers) a few seconds in the microwave and then enjoy the superb aromas before getting down to business.

Q: Where did they get the roses bit?
A: They decided to call their small bakery ‘bread & roses’ in honour of Rose Schneiderman, an American socialist, feminist and one of the most prominent women labour union leaders of the 20th Century. 

Their sourdoughs and other baked products are available on NeighbourFood and at the Coal Quay Market in Cork City centre on Saturday mornings (when the markets are reopened!) 

And don’t forget, they gift their sourdough starter to you.

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