Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Cheers on Beer, Spirits and Wine. With Lineman, Beoirfest, White Hag, Wines of the World, Bertha's Revenge, The Corkscrew, O'Briens Wine.

Cheers on Beer, Spirits and Wine.

With Lineman, Beoirfest, White Hag, Wines of the World, Bertha's Revenge, The Corkscrew, O'Briens Wine



Sounds great.

This week sees our second beer in the Electric Avenue series available in retailers across the land. We went with a pale ale this time hopped with Talus and Hallertau Blanc. It's a deliciously crisp refreshing blast of bitter orange and green fruit with a floral vanilla finish.


Starting on April 3 we have 3 weeks of great sessions, followed by a 2-week special event.

April 3 we're focusing on Cider and will have StonewellLegacy and Tempted to come and talk. Craft cider doesn't have the same market or get the same attention as beer but it's been going through a renewal as well so this should be good.

April 10 we have LinemanBullhouse and Killarney taking part. 3 great breweries who have different markets and experiences, this should lead to some good chat.

April 17 is something different as Dundalk/Brewmaster and Trouble (making a welcome return) will be joined by Peak Beer from Belgium. This should be the start of a number of international chats and it'll be really interesting to see the differences in markets, tastes and experiences.

And then we have our special event!

If you've been paying attention to brewing you'll have seen kviek yeast come to prominence in the last couple of years. In one way it's the biggest innovation in brewing for years, but it's using some of the oldest traditional yeast strains still around.

This came to prominence thanks to Lars Marius Garshol, a Norwegian programmer with a passion for traditional brewing methods. His blog and book brought traditional methods and yeasts to a wider world.

Lithuania is a country that Lars identified as having a unique brewing culture. One they've managed to preserve. Throughout the country you can buy traditional farmhouse beers such as Kaimiškas, Tamsusis, Šviesusis, and Keptinis. Brewed using unique yeasts, malts and techniques, these are like no beer you've ever tasted.


White Hag's New England IPA Gets Bigger

Great news for our Atlantean lovers... 
Our Atlantean New England IPA has gotten a new suit of armour, graduating to our 440ml range.

In this creamy and cloudy IPA we use copious amounts of American hops to add a big, juicy fruit punch. Oats and lactose add a rich creaminess that subdues the bitterness, making this beer similar to a hopshake. Drink this beer as fresh as possible, when all the Alpha & Beta oils from the hops are the most powerful.

This is available to buy online now (both full cases and mixed cases available). The first ten customer to add a case of Atlantean and an Atlantean snood to their basket and use the code 'FreeSnoodBenny' will get a free Atlantean snood.

Buy Now


The Fat Bastard Case Deal Is Back!!!

Have you tried The Fat Bastard wine collection from France?

We believe it is the best value deal with Wines Of The World,
 a case with a mix of wines to suit everyone.

6 bottles of wine all of a different variety. Click here for more details.


Silver for Ballyvolane Spirits Bertha's Revenge Gin and Sloe Bertha Gin at the World Gin Awards 2021

We are chuffed to bits that Bertha’s Revenge Gin and Sloe Bertha both won Silver at the World Gin Awards 2021.  We are proud, delighted and we will celebrate this news.  Thank you!

Bethany Whymark, editor of Gin Magazine, said: “Now is a wonderful time to be working in the world of gin, and we are proud to be able to celebrate the industry’s best through our awards – which were presented in a virtual format for the first time ever in 2021.”

“Those in the gin industry have demonstrated an incredible resilience and a great deal of compassion over the past year, helping not only their own businesses but those of others to survive and flourish in challenging circumstances.  Their efforts should be commended.”


Organic Easter Treats Case

Birthday Offers

 The Corkscrew


The O'Briens Gin Sale Now On

Get the lowdown right here!


Enhancing The National Treasure That Is Hederman's Smoked Salmon. New Recipes. New Dishes.

Enhancing The National Treasure That Is Hederman's Smoked Salmon.

New Recipes. New Dishes.

Hot Smoked Salmon Tart

Frank Hederman’s smoked salmon is a national treasure, certainly more so than those curried chips in the advert that keeps popping up on TV these days.

Smoking fish is a relatively simple process. Put an experienced maestro (he started in 1985) in charge and the results are simply superb. It’s all about time, timing and touch. But you can’t put a timer on it. “You know when it’s done by feel,” says Frank.

And his smoked fish (and other products) are very popular indeed. But sometimes we take it for granted. Shove it on to the brown bread, mix it into the scrambled egg. Great but it can be so much better.

Frank and his wife Caroline have been showing us how for quite a while now, selling prepared dishes (which highlight the fish) at their various outlets. You may have Smoked Salmon Paté, Smoked Mackerel Crush, Smoked Butter, Smoked Chilli Flakes and more!

And now there’s even more help to get the most from this treasure. Friends and collaborators of the Hedermans have been recruited and you can find a tempting gallery of recipes featuring suggestions from Clare McQuillan, Colm O’Gorman, Darren Kennedy and William J. Cooper.

Hot Smoked Salmon, Fennel Seeds and Potato Gratin (right) with Hake

A few days back, we got a gift box from Frank and Caroline of Hot Smoked Salmon, Smoked Paprika, along with a Hot Smoked Salmon, Fennel Seeds and Potato Gratin to try. Aside from the paprika, they didn’t too last long!

We started with the Gratin which you may buy at their various outlets (also via Neighbourfood). It  consists of layers of finely sliced potatoes, cooked with poached and hot smoked organic Irish salmon, smoked chilli flakes and herb cream. 

They bill it as an indulgent main course for one “or you could share and have it as a side with a piece of grilled fish, and a dressed salad”. We took the latter course, added the salad and some hake. The result was a delight, the fish enhanced by the spicy flavours of the gratin. A lovely treat on a wet Saturday evening along with a bottle of Pinot Blanc from the Alsace.

A day or two later, we looked at the gallery of recipes and choose the Smoked Salmon Tart by Clare McQuillan. We didn’t have the sea veg handy but did have some spinach (via NeighbourFood), a few baby leaves of last year’s Kale in the garden and also a few leaves of Wild Garlic from another corner of the garden.

Other than that, the official blog chef followed the recipe and we had a terrific meal with the generous amount of smoked salmon the star. You can see the full recipe here.  


We’ll be looking at Hederman’s produce in a different way in the period ahead, getting even more out of this treasure on our doorstep!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Taste of the Week. The Big Cork Salad with Jack McCarthy, ORSO, Olives West Cork, Purple Squirrel, On the Pig's Back, Neighbourfood.

Taste of the Week. 

The Big Cork Salad.

Salad with Jack McCarthy, ORSO, Olives West Cork, Purple Squirrel, On the Pig's Back, Neighbourfood.

How many hands does it take to make a lively tasty salad at the start of spring. Quite a few as it turned out last weekend. But it turned out very well indeed. Quite a Taste of the Week!

The leaves, a lovely mix, came from Purple Squirrel Farm. There was Sweet Pickled Onion from ORSO, adding a delicious kick. From Olives West Cork came Freshly Marinated Koroneiki Olives (big plump and superb) and Semi Sundried Tomatoes (big juicy Sicilians that had to be cut down to size with a scissors). 

The main star of the dish was Jack McCarthy's Pastrami (left), all the way from Kanturk, and supplied to Neighbourfood via On the Pig's Back. Indeed all the ingredients came via Neighbourfood, illustrating once again how this organisation is helping small producers and at the same time giving customers the chance to taste the very best around.


press release



An innovative new crowd-fundraising campaign launched:

Delicious and unique bottled cocktails, crafted by Electric Cork, delivered to you



Support the campaign at:


With their doors shut for over a year now, Electric Bar and Restaurant, in the heart of Cork City, are raising money via a crowdfunding campaign to deliver delicious cocktails to you at home, until they can safely welcome you through their doors again.


The bar have a superb team of expert mixologists, Carl D’Alton and Traford Murphy, coming up with tantalising twists and innovations in the bar’s cocktail space. The cocktails range from their own “Pornstar Punch” - an original take on the modern classic Pornstar Martini; right through to “Peanut Butter Jelly” - a PBJ Old Fashioned, which is something very different.


Having launched the crowd-fundraising campaign this week, owner of Electric, Ernest Cantillon, says:


“After a bout of shameful self-pity, we’ve moved on the acceptance stage about reopening - it’s probable we will not be open for most if not all of this summer. While disappointing, and financially terrifying, we understand and accept why.


The idea behind ‘Electric Cocktails’ was mostly born to keep our sanity. Our bar has been closed for over a year now, and it's been tough to keep motivated and to keep match fit.


We’ve been working hard on this cocktail range and would love your support to launch it. We were blown away by your support for our Christmas Cocktail Selection boxes, and now want to take it up for a level for our Summer offering. A little piece of the Electric experience to take home!” [ Video: ]


How it works:


Electric Cocktails can be shipped anywhere in Ireland and the UK. The bundles range from €25 - €100 with a scrumptious selection of cocktails to choose from, and restaurant vouchers available too.


By purchasing a cocktail from Electric’s crowdfunding efforts, you’ll help keep Electric in operation and ensure they’ll still be there when it’s safe to re-open again.


To find out more or support the campaign, visit:


Electric Cocktail Menu:


Pornstar Punch - Vodka, passionfruit, pineapple and vanilla... serve on its own over ice or topped with chilled soda water or a splash of Prosecco, garnish with passionfruit or lime.


Strawberry Mojito - White rum, strawberry, mint and lime... serve chilled over ice, topped with chilled soda, garnish with a mint sprig.


Garden Collins - Gin, apple, elderflower, cucumber and mint... serve over ice topped with chilled soda or tonic water, garnish with cucumber or lemon twist.


PBJ - Old Fashioned- Peanut butter whiskey, strawberry, jam bitters... serve over ice, garnish with a strawberry slice.


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Monday, March 29, 2021

On the Pig's Back Head Chef Takes You Off The Beaten Track With Superb Saturday Night Takeaway

Head Chef Paul Takes You Off The Beaten Track

 with On the Pig's Back Saturday Night Takeaway

Raspberry Cheesecake. 

Lots of excellent Heat at Home, Click & Collect, and Takeaway Meals around the city and county at the moment. But there are some that fail to excite when you read the menu. “Same old, same old”. You think and move on to another virtual menu.

The menu at On the Pig’s Back, changes weekly and is well worth taking a look at. Prawns, Chicken Salad, Hake and Pork Chop, may not at first seem all that exciting but go a little deeper, as Head Chef Paul did, and you’ll see those prawns come with the most gorgeous Creamed Corn, not an everyday menu item around here! The Hake is enhanced by a beautiful Corn Succotash, another item I rarely, if ever, see on local menus.

We had the privilege of trying the full menu last Saturday night and both quality and quantity were massive. You do have to do your own bit in the kitchen of course but the instructions are clear and precise and easy to follow.

BBQ Prawns with Creamed Corn and Kale. Takes about six minutes to prepare at home.
 Amazing flavour here, all blended in so well, and that corn was outstanding.

Spiced Chicken Salad with Crisp Leaves, Cherry tomato, Red Onion, Ranch Dressing and Croutons 
Another 6 minutes required here! Nice and spicy and that dressing really enhanced it, would have been a different dish without it.

Herb Crusted Pan-fried Hake, Corn Succotash, Baked Sweet Potato Wedges and Caper Brown Butter.
This takes about twice as long as the starters. Delicious crust on the hake and that Succotash was really superb, contributing much to the dish.

Broiled Marinated Pork Chop, Buttered Savoy Cabbage, Fondant Potatoes with Mild Mustard Sauce.
Again, about twice as long as the starters but you do have to start the potatoes earlier! Another winner and that includes the potatoes! The chop was itself was top class, juicy, succulent.

Mississippi Mud Pie, garnished with crushed meringue and served cold.

Baked Raspberry Cheesecake, served cold. Extra berries not included! So much fruit flavour came through here. Really indulgent!

Not surprised at all at the quality as we’ve been buying quite a few bits and pieces from On the Pig’s Back via Neighbourfood over the past 12 months or so and whether it’s their quiches, soups, tagines, Harissa chicken fillet, Beef Bourguignon, or Fish Pie Gratin, we’ve never been disappointed. And so when I got the invite to try out the Saturday Night Takeway, the rapid response was “yes, please”.

* Same menu is up and running this week - see their Insta. Menu & ordering available until 5pm every Thursday with limited availability. Order online or by phone @ 021-4617832

Dining NOW Guide. This Week's Choices In Cork. Update #2

 Dining NOW Guide. This Week's Choices In Cork

(Contact me before 1.00pm Wed with a sentence or two, a pic and a link to menu, plan to update regularly) w/e 4/4/2021 Update #2

Click and Collect. At Home. Takeout. Takeaway.

The Metropole Hotel, Cork
has launched an Easter Afternoon Tea at home menu. 


The Afternoon Tea is available this Easter Weekend – from Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April. 


On the menu is: 
Sweets: Mini chocolate mousse & berries, Easter cupcakes, Chocolate meringue nest with mini Cadburys cream eggs, Selection of macarons, Mini Chocolate brownie
Sandwich: Free range egg and cress, Chicken & cucumber with sun-dried tomato pesto,  Pastrami and rocket in a floury wrap, Open smoked salmon on soda bread with chive cream cheese & pickled red onion
Sweet scones: Freshly baked scones with whipped cream and a selection of fruit jam

The Afternoon Tea for two people is €50 and the hotel will require 24 hours’ notice to book. Delivery within 15km is also available for an additional €10. To order you can call (021) 4643700


Check out Da Mirco's Easter Weekend Menu Here

That Homemade Cannelloni filled with slow cooked O'Mahonys lamb ragu, ricotta and pecorino cheese looks tempting!


O'Mahony's Fly Stars & Stripes


Check out Dockland menu here

Vienna Woods Special



Tom Durcan Will Bring It Home to You

Durcan’s Burger and wings artisan - Taste of #cork at home kit The finest local produce using Hasset’s bakery and Finders Inn dressing. Hand prepared on morning of collection by my son Harry. Order online and have it delivered to your door #nationwide #shoplocal @EnglishMarket More details at


Greenes Restaurant

Easter Menu's are now online, lots of seafood options, Macroom Lamb & our 6 course tasting menu. We have also added an Easter Picnic Box available Saturday & Sunday with everything you need included.
Visit to order online.

Metropole Hotel

Our Dine At Home menus are available to order every evening from 5pm-9pm.
Enjoy a range of delectable dishes, cooked to perfection by our Head Chef, available for collection from The Metropole Hotel Cork.

L'Atitude. On the road again

We’re heading south this week to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It might come as a surprise to some that wine is produced in Morocco, but wine has been made in North Africa for at least 2,500 year...
..Our Volubia red is a perfect ally for food. To say we are excited about this week’s destination would be a slight understatement. There are so many colourful ingredients and flavours to choose from, we’ll find it hard to narrow it down. As usual we will choose a selection that we think will marry best with the wine. 
Email by noon Thurs if you’d like to join our adventure. €50 box for 2 people. Collection Friday 2 April from 5 -6.30

Celtic Ross Hotel

A Happy Easter - at Home

Be it Easter Sunday lunch or dinner for two over the long weekend, allow Chef Shane and his team to take care of the meal prep this Easter.

Our Easter meal kit adds a sense of occasion to the weekend, showcasing delicious seasonal produce and the finest ingredients that West Cork has to offer.

Treat yourself to a three-course dining experience in the comfort of home with all of the hard work and preparation  completed by the Celtic Ross kitchen team.  
Menus and other details here

We have posted our Home Dining menu for delivery over the Easter weekend
We are also delivering a new “Slow Roast for 4”
Details from our website @libertygrillcork

On the Pig's Back

Order online or by phone @ 021-4617832

Saturday Night Takeaway - Now Online! 💛
3 Course Menu €30.00 pp
☆B.B.Q Prawns with Creamed Corn and Kale
☆Spiced Chicken Salad with Crisp Leaves, Cherry tomato, Red Onion, Ranch Dressing and Croutons
☆Herb Crusted Pan-fried Hake, Corn Succotash, Baked Sweet Potato Wedges and Caper Brown Butter
☆Broiled Marinated Pork Chop, Buttered Savoy Cabbage, Fondant Potatoes with Mild Mustard Sauce
☆Baked Raspberry Cheese Cake
☆Mississippi Mud Pie


The Cork International Hotel Have An Afternoon Tea Off With A Twist!
The Cork International Hotel has launched a gourmet Seafood Afternoon Tea just in time for Easter.
The Afternoon Tea will be available for a limited period over the Easter Weekend – available from Thursday 1st April to to Monday 5th April. 
On the menu is: 
Sweets: Dark Chocolate mousse with raspberries, Carrot Cake topped in white chocolate, Coffee slice, Chocolate brownie.
Savoury: Crab and crayfish cocktail Chai Bao, Smoked Mackerel Pate on pressed puff pastry, Beetroot salmon gravlax and grape skewer.
Sandwich: Flaked salmon and pickled cucumber on white bread, open tiger prawn sandwich with garlic and lemon aioli, tuna, lettuce and chilli chutney pinwheels.


The Afternoon Tea for two people is €50 and the hotel will require 24 hours’ notice to book. To order you can call (021) 4549800


Farmgate Ready to Feed the Family this Easter

We have spent the last few weeks thinking about the Easter break, so we can have it all organised for you with just one click of a button.

How about the perfect family roast? Delicious slow-cooked lamb (and more!) for a stress-free day and the opportunity to really enjoy quality time your loved ones. Let’s face it, who amongst us cannot claim to be sick of constantly cooking for hungry hounds?

Easter Sunday Feast - €70 for 2 / €120 for 4

Bottle or Red or White wine

Market Fish Plate, Farmgate Brown Soda Bread

Slow Braised Shoulder of Lamb, Ardrahan Cheese & Lamb Croquettes, Lyonnaise Potatoes, Buttered Spring Greens

Strawberry & Framboise Trifle

There's also an Easter Family Feast.  See all the menus and details here


~~Easter menu is now live here~~
Phone lines are now open 0214277387. Get your orders in now for collection this Friday & Saturday

Market Lane

There’s still time to order our heat at home set menu for Easter Weekend. Stock is limited and we've sold out in the past, so our top tip for today is do it now to avoid any disappointment.. Order from by Thursday . #keepgoingcork

The Glass Curtain

With Easter upon us, we have more yummy treats planned for the weekend. The following menu is available from Friday to Sunday:



You may order from 12pm tomorrow (Monday) via the following link: The Glass Curtain At Home


This weekend'smenu now live, get your orders in for Easter Sunday