Thursday, May 14, 2020

TablePath's Helping Restaurants Go "Click & Collect"

A classy take-away from Greene's!
TablePath's Helping Restaurants Go "Click & Collect"

With the food service industry being turned inside out these days, you have to be quick to adapt.  And helping Cork restaurants such as Greene's Sage and Da Mirco take the Click and Collect route is well established restaurant booking service TablePath, making it easier for the restaurants simplify and automate what can be a complex process. 

By the way, one of the partners in TablePath is Martin Poucher who is also the tech brains behind NeighbourFood with Jack Crotty, another brilliant food related service and one that doesn't seem to be getting the credit it deserves.

I just clicked into DaMirco's website there and here's what it looks like for this weekend.Tempting - you'd better hurry.

Other local restaurants on the TablePath system are: (Dave & Cat) (Mirco)

Andrew Monaghan, Sales Manager with TablePath: "All their orders come through to them on their TablePath account and they can decide how many orders they can handle every 15 minutes and the system will work with that figure. Can also handle the maximum amount of orders they can handle per day.

The system automates all the payments, orders placed and time slots. Many of those now working with us had initially gone down the ‘pen & paper’ route of taking orders, payments etc. but once we had given them a demo on how simple the TablePath system was they were happy to work with us immediately!
from The Glass Curtain.

We manage all the set up (free of charge!) and we also manage all their Menu / pricing updates so there is very little for the restaurateur to do except process the incoming orders and drop them to the hungry customers in their cars.

With ‘Social Distancing’ going to have a big impact on the number of diners each restaurant can handle from June 29, we believe that the takeaway aspect of each restaurant will work ‘hand in hand’ with their core business once they re-open their doors! Our system integrates with STRIPE who handle the secure online payment process. 

We are delighted to work with many of Corks top restaurants and look forward to working with more over the coming weeks!"

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