Sunday, May 31, 2020

Da Mirco’s Italian Meal Matches Weekend Sun!

Mirco’s Italian Meal Matches Weekend Sun!

With the sun high in the blue sky, a call to Osteria Da Mirco’s in Bridge Street (Cork) provided just the food to match the occasion. Mirco, like quite a few restaurants these Covid days, is keeping in touch with customers via his Click & Collect service.

Ever since I enjoyed Cannelloni on a backstreet near Rome's Piazza Navona, I’ve been a fan of that Italian dish and, once I spotted it on Mirco’s menu, there was no doubt about my pick.
Hot in the city. Saturday.

There was lots more to choose from, of course, including Lasagna Bolognese, Parmigiana di Melanzane, Pollo alla Diavola e Nduja, and Polpette al Sugo (Italian meatballs), all available in trays for two or four people. All well-priced also; for example, our Cannelloni was €15.00 for two.

He does a small selection of pizzas as well and there’s no shortage of sides and sauces, including his own Focaccia, his Insalata Caprese and more. Then there’s Patate Al Forno (Oven roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes) and Verdure al Forno (Oven roasted mediterranean Vegetables), each a fiver. We enjoyed the spuds there before, so that was our pick.

Desserts also on offer, including Tiramisu (which, you may like to know, contains alcohol!). And speaking of alcohol, just click the drinks tab and  you’ll see Italian wines and beers, and a couple of Irish drinks as well from 9 White Deer and Stonewell.

And that leaves the Shop tab. There’s quite a selection here of Italian specialities including coffee, cheese, deli meats, balsamic vinegars, olives and vegetables. Here, we found our Mediterranean Marinated Artichokes 200g tub (Small artichoke quarters. They are seasoned with olive oil, garlic and parsley. They can be served as delicious side dishes or used to garnish Da Mirco's homemade focaccia bread and savoury flans !) - another great fiver’s worth!

We used a few of those artichokes as a starter and used the rest of them in a couple of salads over the weekend. Different and delicious.
Chester Cake

The Cannelloni (Cannelloni Pasta filled with Ricotta Cheese, Spinach with Tomato sauce) was easily heated, didn’t take long, and it was absolutely superb. And with the sun still shining, I could have been right there in that Roman back street. Indeed, I think we had more sun here than in that narrow street where the tall buildings blocked out most of the sun.

I didn’t buy a wine from Mirco, simply because I had one  ready and waiting at home, a Barbara by fiercely independent Piedmont winemaker Water Massa, a light, easy-drinking and fruity Rosso (bought as part of a mixed 6-bottle box from Bradley’s). Its lovely acidity makes it a terrific table wine.

Satisfyingly full after that delicious meal, we waited a while for the dessert, also already in the house. Delighted to make the acquaintance again of the award-winning Chester Cake from McSweeney’s Foodstore, Burton Place, Gardinders Hill, Cork, washed down with an excellent Golden Bean Coffee (their Capim Branco,  Brasil). Ciao!

Da Mirco
4 Bridge Street

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