Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cheers. Latest Episode #3 . Keeping You Up To Date With Wine, Beers, and Spirits

Cheers. Latest Episode #3 . Keeping You Up To Date With Wine, Beers, and Spirits

One Place. One Farm. One Spirit. Latest from Waterford Distillery. 
Using 100% Irish barley, widely considered to be the world's finest, our new Single Farm Origin series is an uber-provenance range of limited edition natural whiskies that explore Irish terroir one farm, once place, at a time. They are expressions of precision and rarity, showcasing barley flavours derived from individual Irish farms and harvests.Read more

Can't go to the continent? Nothing to stop you going continental with food and wine. - says Lynne Coyle MW
Get ready for the bank holiday by ordering your wines now, why not rekindle fond European holiday memories of delicious food and wine with these wine suggestions from France, Spain and Italy.
Even with thoughts of a “staycation” looming large for most of us this summer, I am suggesting that we can still enjoy the fruits of our favourite wine regions at home with some of these delicious sun kissed options. Read more, recipes included!

Wine and food pairing: is it an overrated practice?

asks Spanish Wine Lover

Last Sunday I took part in a round table at the Wine & Culinary conference, an event organized by Bodegas Torres. According to President Miguel A. Torres, the aim of this conference is to support Catalan and Spanish cuisine, promote moderate wine consumption –preferably alongside food– and, incidentally, prove that despite being a large volume producer, their wines are not only intended for supermarkets but are also meant to be enjoyed in restaurants. More here

So-called wine experts are always confident of their opinions, no matter how divorced from reality they might be.

Nobody drinks buttery Chardonnay anymore. Wine pairing matters. The 100-point-scale rating is dead.
These are a few of the myths spread by the "wine intelligentsia" – the sommeliers, bloggers and writers who dominate our wine conversations.
None of these myths are true, but it's easy to believe something when everyone you talk to echoes it. Read more from this Wine-Searcher article here.

SuperValu Italian Wine Sale has returned - in store and online from 21st of May until 10th of June.

From the largest wine producing country in the world, come some of SuperValu’s best quality and value wines. The Italian wine sale beginning on Thursday May 21st brings you some of the best wines from regions all across the much loved Mediterranean country.
Italy has always been a favourite holiday destination for Irish holidaymakers  with it’s unique culture,  rich cuisine and superb range and variety of wines.  Home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, Italy consistently cultivates our staple favourites, to be enjoyed with the fabulous range of Italian cuisine we know and love.
With prices of premium bottles not to be beaten on value, this year’s Italian Wine Sale is sure to bring the memories of Capri or taste of Tuscany to your lips. Italians believe you should enjoy a glass before eating, so perhaps this weekend take a moments break from the cooking to close your eyes and imagine the sun beating down on rolling scenic hills, and enjoy a glass of your favourite wine or venture towards an Italian wine you may not have tried before!
In sourcing the wines for this year’s Italian Wine Sale SuperValu wine buyer Kevin O’Callaghan is delighted to welcome back some favourites such as Ricossa Barolo and Costa Mediana Amarone. This year’s sale will comfort those familiar with Italian offerings and enchant those who are new to experience a taste of the world’s finest flavours.

 For the full list of wines available please visit www.supervalu.ie

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