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The Divine Chocolatier. Even the gods love Grá.

The Divine Chocolatier.

Even the gods love Grá.

Mickael Viljanen

When I first heard of the Beyond the Menu Chocolate box by Grá Chocolates, I immediately thought that each chef would make his or her own but that’s not the way it transpired in Episode 4 of the show. Here we heard co-conspirators Mark Moriarty and chocolatier Gráinne Mullins chat about the project. 

The chocolates weren’t going to be based on the each chef’s signature dish as been initially proposed. Grainne suggested: .”.on their personalities, who they are!”. Mark agreed: “Each chef in a bite”.

Intriguing I thought and, as it turned out, absolutely exquisite.

There were the early hints from the two. 

Jess: New Zealand, bright, Irish grown kiwis.

Mike: Horseradish…would that work?.. let’s try it!

Ahmet: Colour - he gave me a Turkish delight recipe..gold.

Ian: ..loves a pint..salted stout said Mark.

Mike: Chaos on the outside…pine honey..Finland to Ireland.

Gráinne herself: “…bright… gooseberry and elderflower…I’ve got gooseberry in the garden.”

All decided, just like that!

Okay. Now to turn these bare bones into something memorable. With that kind of task ahead, you couldn’t have a better pilot than Galway’s Gráinne. Back in 2020, the newly crowned Young Chef of the Year was looking forward to a great time in the kitchen. Then Covid happened. Gráinne had to pivot quickly. Into making chocolates at home. But not to worry, that chef training wasn’t going to be wasted.


“Chocolate”, she says “is all about precisions.... temperatures, colours, flavours.” And she was also determined to give the customer: ”a seamless experience from opening the box to enjoying the chocolates.” And she succeeded brilliantly, her technical know-how and the colourful appeal combined deliciously with real originality. And while this Beyond the Menu box may no longer be available, she has got many other selections for you, ideally as a Christmas gift for someone you love (including yourself!) Check here. 

Mike Tweedy

They’ve been described as “Luxurious and Decadent” but I prefer “Fresh and Tasty”. Some chocolates are overwhelmingly dark and rich, dominating the palate a bit like the traditional big bold Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. Grá chocolates are, for me, to continue the analogy, more like a superb Burgundy or a Beaujolais Morgan, such is the precision and balance, the beautiful lightness, in each engaging mouthful.

Ian Doyle

And each, at least those in my box, is multi-faceted. Bite into Gráinne’s own as a great opener, that compelling mix of Gooseberry Jam, Elderflower Ganache and White Chocolate, a superb example of what is to come in the box.

Baltimore chef Ahmet Dede wakes up the palate with a magnificent melange of Rose Turkish delight and Pistachio Praline, as if a misty spray strayed over the local pier wall to say good morning. Wake up guys. There’s a great day ahead! Have another one.


And from the Sea Road in Galway, the Jess Murphy chocolate is made with Kiwi Jelly, Pavlova and White chocolate. Like the others, it is love at first bite, and all of us glad that the Kiwi chef landed in the West Coast. Crafting these classy chocolates is about the story as much as it is about the food, about Ireland today.

And of course the pint features. The Ian Doyle is made with Salted Dungarvan Stout Caramel (Cliff House, where Ian operates, supports the local brewers), Dulse Seaweed and Dark Chocolate. Dark and totally handsome!

Chocolat, Choculorum. Chocolate forever 
(You won't get full marks for that translation!) Pic by Grá

Mike Tweedie, well known for his surprisingly delightful food combinations at Adare Manor, finds himself represented by Horseradish ganache, Granny Smith Apple and white chocolate. Another smooth chocolate with the humble apple shining through.

"Flavours from the forests of Finland" feature in the Mickael Viljanen gem, a blend of Juniper Ganache and Pine Honey Vinegar. And indeed you could well imagine yourself enjoying one of these flavour-packed mouthfuls at the edge of trees as the short day ends and the long night begins. 

Thanks to Grá, you don't have to travel to enjoy these gorgeous creations. By the way, each one of the six is a delight and I would not leave any behind me in the box. We did a little poll to see which was the favourite. It came down to three - Gráinne, Dede, and Mickael - with Dede getting the nod.


The line-up:

Mickael Viljanen (Chapter One);

Jess Murphy (Kai);

Ian Doyle (The House Restaurant at the Cliff House);

Mike Tweedie (The Oak Room at Adare Manor);

Ahmet Dede (Dede);

Gráinne (Grá Chocolates).

I ordered the box (€40.00, with a contribution to Simon included)  in the middle of the year, with delivery set to coincide with Gráinne’s appearance on the TV programme with presenter Mark. Of course it would also coincide with a minor surgery and I was forced to wait a big longer to start sampling. Well worth the wait!

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Valleys of wine. Check out this excellent duo from the Loire and the Ebro

From the valleys of wine. Check out this excellent duo from the Loire and the Ebro

Azay le Rideau

Marie Thibault Le Grolleau Vin de France 2019, 13.5%

€26.95  64 Wine Dublin, Bradley’s of Cork, Greenman Dublin, Le Caveau Kilkenny

Grolleau, often regarded as the workhorse vine of the Loire, is seldom used on its own. 

However, according to Wine-Searcher.com, if yields are kept low, “Grolleau can produce a

light yet vibrant red wine, with herbaceous, 

sour-cherry flavors. Many of these are vinified as natural wines, although this is more to do with modern winemaking trends in the Loire than it is to do with the qualities of the variety itself.”

Le Grolleau comes from Azay le Rideau and this is where Marie Thibault does her stuff. Colour is mid to dark ruby. The rather intense aromas feature cherry and berries. It is light bodied and there’s a clean refreshing acidity on the palate along with much the same fruit flavours and that refreshing theme, along with a little spice, goes right through to the longer than expected finish. 

A delicious vin de soif, which essentially means unpretentious wines that are measured not by their complexity, length or ageeability but by the joy and refreshment they provide. Very Highly Recommended.

Marie Thibault grew up in the Loire Valley and began in 2002 working with François Chidaine in Montlouis, falling in love with Chenin Blanc there and making wine under her own name in 2004. She purchased her own estate in 2010 and converted to organics immediately. She has been certified with Ecocert since 2014. She works with Côt (Malbec), Gamay, Grolleau, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon blanc. Most of her vines are at least 50 years old.    

Marie also buys some grapes from organic estates close by, which she herself harvests and vinifies in her cellar. Her husband is Frantz Saumon, another fantastic natural grower in the area, his wines also available from Le Caveau and their stockists. Marie’s wines see no additives other than a tiny addition of S02 before bottling, if any is added at all.

Viña Albergada Rioja Alavesa (DOC) 2016, 13%

€11.95 64 Wine Dublin, Bradley’s of Cork, Greenman Dublin, Le Caveau Kilkenny

Made by the same producers of the Albizu Tempranillo that we had a few weeks ago, this Tempranillo has a dark cherry colour, though maybe not quite as vibrant as it was back in 2018 when I enjoyed this same vintage last.

The red fruit aromas are a little less intense than previously. The palate though may be better.  It is attractively juicy and fruity, with a touch of spice, very good acidity, quite refreshing. And the finish is good and long. 

Highly Recommended.  This easy-drinking style of Rioja offers great value-for-money. Great too, they hint, as an aperitif with tapas. Other suggestions include queen scallops and chorizo or pan-fried garlic chicken with sun-dried tomatoes. And, just like the Albizu, it is one of those versatile reds that may be tried chilled.

Tip: Look out for a more up to date vintage than the 2016.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

A Quart of Ale± #79. A craft session of Brehon & Hopfully with cider from Stonewell & Mac Ivors.

A Quart of Ale± #79

On the craft journey with a session of Brehon and Hopfully and cider from Stonewell and Mac Ivors.

Stonewell Cask Irish Craft Cider 9.5% abv, 75cl bottle Bradleys

“It’s not often that one gets to indulge in two of one’s passions, for me that’s cider and whiskey,” says Daniel Emerson as he introduced his latest cider.

“I have added cider for 6 months in fresh whiskey barrels, kindly lent to us from a distillery in East Cork, then blended it with a select bittersweet ferment to create this woody tannic cider with whiskey overtones. It is effervescent, opulent, viscous and rich in character, but not for the faint-hearted.”

The amber colour is that bit darker than normal. Aromas are of moderate intensity but very much of the orchard. The whiskey cask makes its presence felt on the palate, adding a slight toasty flavour. It is smooth and delightful, with a bitter-sweet finalé, an amazing amalgam of the orchards, the cidery and the distillery. Very Highly Recommended (unanimous here - not always the case!). Go get it!

The Stonewall and Nohoval listing already contains quite a few innovative ciders from Daniel and wife Geraldine. As they say themselves, it takes courage to only use apple juice to make cider and more courage to take it a step further as they have done here. Their apples come from orchards in Waterford, Tipperary and Laois.

Starting this year, when you buy a bottle of Stonewell Cider, Stonewell will make a donation to the Irish Bee Conservation Project (IBCP).

These funds will go towards the general activities of the organisation, including the creation of pollinator trails, the construction of bee lodges and raising awareness of the plight of the Irish Bee species. 

Mac Ivors Traditional Dry Cider 5.6%, 50cl bottle Bradleys

Mac Ivors, inspired by the aromatic ciders of Northern France, made this Traditional Dry Cider, an elegant blend of over ten different apple varieties. “Our crisp Armagh Bramley apples balance the fragrant flavours of traditional dessert apples and bittersweet cider apples, giving a deep and dry cider style.”

It is a much lighter colour, as you’d expect, than the Stonewell. Aromas are yeasty, a little sourness there. And on the palate it has deep apple flavours (thanks to the slow, cool fermentation), and is dry with a lip-smacking finish. One tarty tipple for sure, the tannins drying those lips.

They also do a Medium Cider, a Plum & Ginger, a White Reserve Cider, a Non Alcoholic version, and a Juicy Session Cider.

Armagh is well known as “The Orchard County”. It is here that Mac Ivors Cider has its roots.

“Our farm was established in 1855 in the townland of Ardress. Our cider takes its name from our Cider Maker, Greg Mac Neice’s grandmother Annie Mac Ivor.

Annie, her husband Matt Mac Neice and their nine children had a passion for apple growing. Her son Sam and her grandson Greg continue that tradition, farming over 100 acres of prime Armagh orchard, packing and processing the apples grown and now making great craft cider too!”

The 2013 Cider Celebration was held at the Apple Farm in Cahir and a great day it was too with cider makers from all over the country displaying their produce! Good day for Mac Ivors as their sweet won the Best in Show in that category. Would love to see that Celebration revived!.

Brehon Brewhouse Ulster Black Oatmeal Stout 5.0%, 440 can Bradleys

Beware The McMahons”
It wasn’t the Vikings you had to fear, it was the McMahons. Or at least that’s how they tell it in this part of Ulster. We were the notorious ruling clan for centuries, raiding the Pale for whiskey and beer. These days, we brew our own….. once we’ve finished milking the cows. Always ready for a quiet pint.”

And this Ulster Black Oatmeal Stout is a winner. At least, it was my favourite beer in 2020 and this current version smells and tastes just as good. It is not be hid under a bushel; it is a star in this particular firmament. 

Black as a wet sod after a rainy week in the bog. The fleeting head has some of the colour of a well-dried sod. Aromas also from the dark side: coffee and dark chocolate. And that theme continues on the palate. 

But it is not exactly like other oatmeal stouts, not over-rich. There is a balance, a harmony, that lifts this toasty stout well above the normal. All before a lip-smacking finish. Try it out for yourself! Best served around 8 to 10 degrees. That’s more or less what I wrote last year. No need to change much, I’m delighted to say.

They say: “A sweet, toasty Oatmeal Stout with a dark chocolate and coffee finish. Bottle conditioned with strong notes of dark chocolate, roasted malt and liquorice. Hopped with magnum.  Full bodied and full of flavour, this cozy stout always hits the spot. Ideal with game or strong red meat, smoked meats and hearty stews. Also great with desserts such as chocolate, caramel or dark fruits.”

Hopfully Tangerina  DIPA 8.5%, 440 can Bradleys

“Here’s our new and ‘very limited’ edition small-batch brew, Tangerina Double IPA 8.5%,” said Hopfully back in September.

It has a slight murky orange colour and the white head doesn’t last too long at all (despite the fact that Dextrin is one of the malts used). It is packed with “a gorgeous amount of whole tangerine purée” and you do get it in the aromas. And very much so on the palate, thanks to the addition of the purée. And then it seems to fade out at that - just wondering if that addition was over-generous. Tangerine for sure so it does what it says on the tin. Dry at the end.

The label names the malts; Pale, Oats, wheat, Vienna and Dextrin. “Drink fresh - do not age.” Hops are Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial hops into the whirlpool and “dry-hopped this beauty with Citra, Galaxy, Simcoe, and Centennial”. 

This artwork is a master piece by @staselejakunskaite and is part of her SWAP project in which parts of common images or situations are swapped with each other creating new somehow unusual and surprising senses and ideas. Staselė is a Lithuanian visual artist and illustrator working in fields of conceptual illustration, advertising, publishing, indie print projects, and murals. 

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November – December 2021




Nano Nagle Place in Cork are delighted to host 4 markets in the run up to Christmas this year. Come and support local charities and small businesses by doing your Christmas Shopping in the gorgeous surroundings of the most Christmassy place in Cork, Nano Nagle Place. 


On Saturday next (November 27th), Cork City Book Fair Returns. After an enforced absence of more than twelve months, the City Book Fair is back in town. Dealers from throughout the country will have on a wide selection of books on offer - antiquarian, out-of-print, of local, Irish, and general interest - some coins too. Something for everybody - something for you. 


On Sunday 5th December, you can support local charities and community groups by coming to the Community Market. Nano Nagle’s own Lantern and Cork Migrant Centre will be there, selling crochet, knitting, textiles and more. 


On Sunday 12th December, it’s sustainability and food, with lots of natural products including Christmas wreaths, candles, chocolates cookies, and more.


On Sunday 19th December, it’s a designer market to complement Nano Nagle’s own great Design Shop, with ceramics, prints, and paintings, jewellery, wool crafts, woodwork, and intriguing air plants! 


Markets run from 10.00-17.00 on each day, remember Nano Nagle’s own bookshop and design shop are open too … for all your Christmas Shopping.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nanonagleplace/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NanoNaglePlace

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nanonagleplace


Cork Pot Grown Christmas Trees. 1m to 2m high.


Colm has been in touch to tell me about his real Christmas tree business. It is called Cork Pot Grown Christmas trees where customers can buy or rent a living Christmas tree. Most of the details you need are on the poster above. You'll also find him on online at www.christmastree.ie

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Sparkling or Still. SuperValu Have You Covered With Christmas Offers

Sparkling or Still. SuperValu Have You Covered With Christmas Offers

Instore from 9th – 31st Dec 2021

Check out some of the SuperValu Christmas Offers

Bubbles are always on the menu for festival celebrations Locally though, it is mostly  Champagne or Prosecco. But there’s some terrific Cava out there also so why money give the Spanish bubbles a try. Cava is a different distinctive under-rated sparkling wine, made using the same method as Champagne. You’ll find one in the Christmas offer from Supervalu. Gran Troya is the name and it is reduced to €12 ( from 26). 

With its citrus flavours blended with a delightful biscuit like finish, the pale gold Gran Troya is a terrific celebratory drink at an affordable price. Great for just sharing with family and friends. If you haven’t tried Cava before, this is an apt introduction. The grapes used are the traditional Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada “from our own vineyards”. Try with olives, grilled almonds. Serve at 6-8 degrees.

Winemaker Jon Usabiaga has developed quite a range of wines for Aresti in Chile. His Aresti Trisquel Sauvignon Blanc 10.70 (was 15.99) is typical, well made and very approachable and will keep your white wine drinkers happy before and during Christmas.

The palate is fresh and firm with a crisp acidity, leading to a lingering aftertaste. This is a perfectly balanced wine. It comes from a cool climate vineyard and is similar in style and quality to a good Marlborough, the fruit, the punchiness and the overall lushness, balanced by mouth-watering acidity.

Fleurie is perhaps the best loved and also one of the very best of the Beaujolais area’s ten crus.  I’m quite a Fleurie fan and always look forward to opening a bottle and this Andre Guichot Fleurie  (at 10.00 instead of 14.99) was no exception.

Made from the Gamay grape, it is mid to dark ruby in colour. Cherry scents are prominent when you nose it and on the palate it is deliciously fruity with a hint of spice and, importantly, a refreshing acidity that helps create harmony, right through to the finish. 

Medium bodied, it is soft and easy drinking, not a blockbuster or anywhere close to blockbusting, but it has character enough to pair well with a wide range of lighter dishes. The label recommends hard and soft cheeses and classic roasts, be it red or white meat. Worth a try also with spicy food. A very versatile partner at your festive table!

Sometimes an Australian winemaker, if he or she is hinting at more finesse in Shiraz, will call it by the French name Syrah. Not the case here and that, plus 12 months on oak, means so you can expect  a rich and full-bodied wine with no shortage of fruit flavours. No fiddling around here, one to drink and enjoy, just what you need when the Christmas conversation is into the higher decibels! The Nugan Shiraz has been reduced from €15.99 to 10.70.

6-pack offers include Campo Viejo Reserva(€96),Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc (€99), Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc (96), Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc  (€75) and Torres Sangre de Toro (€68.94). These pack offers are for one week only 16th - 22nd December.

Others to Note

The above are just a fraction of the wines in the Christmas offer. Here's few more and do keep an eye on the usual leaflets from SuperValu.


Champagne Pierre Darcys Brut NV €20.00 (29.99)

Made in the traditional styled is it ideal as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to shellfish or smoked salmon. Best served chilled. While stocks last!


Pouilly Fuisse Goichot 15.00 (22.99)

Elegant and full of charm, this aromatic white, is also quite versatile at the table and will go with with seafood, with white meat like veal or poultry, and goat cheese.


Looking out for another red? Then this Tour Baladoz St Emillon  Grand Cru €25.00 (39.99) is just the job. A very pleasant fruity wine indeed. Merlot is the main grape here with both Cabernets also in the mix, Franc at 20%, Sauvignon at 10%.

Colour is purple and the aromas are concentrated, ripe dark fruits plus fragrant floral notes. Full bodied for sure, sublime soft fruits with great balance, this well-rounded rich and splendid wine provides a beautiful lingering finish. One to take your time with, small sips recommended.

Clean, deep red. Nose of ripe cherries with notes of wild plums. Fleshy, firm mouthfeel with relatively polished tannins. A pleasant fruity wine.

I rest my Portuguese case!

Sixth generation celebrating Christmas at historic Keenan’s of Tarmonbarry

 Sixth generation celebrating Christmas at historic Keenan’s of Tarmonbarry

Father and son: Barry and David.


Landmark pub Keenan’s of Tarmonbarry is the favourite festive lunch stop for drivers crossing the country during the build-up to Christmas. The traditional interior lends itself perfectly to decorating and it will soon be looking its best for the yuletide season.


For six generations, the same family has welcomed hungry and thirsty travellers, and now David Keenan has been appointed as general manager. The original pub, a more modest establishment, was opened by David’s great great great grandfather, Hugh Reynolds on the same site in 1865. David’s parents, Barry and Annette Keenan, took over 25 years ago and were responsible for introducing the food service with which Keenan’s has become synonymous, as well as developing the 12-bedroom boutique hotel.


“It’s a privilege as well as a responsibility to take over a family business with a history like Keenan’s has”, says David Keenan, “It’s a weight I am proud to carry on my shoulders. I was brought up in the business and it seems like a natural progression to take charge now. I’m looking forward to the future and the challenges it brings”. David is accustomed to taking up challenges and brings new expertise into the business, having spent several years working in the financial sector in Dublin and abroad.


A new festive cocktail menu using local tipples is just one of David’s innovations. The Cinnamon Sleigh, Holly Beret, Baileys Comet are highlights of the cocktail card.


Cinnamon Sleigh
A slightly spicy and refreshing cocktail. A cinnamon, maple whiskey sour featuring whiskey from Lough Ree Distillery.


Holly Beret
Lough Ree Gin is the main ingredient in this refreshing green tinted cocktail with lemon juice and cucumber as zesty background flavours.


Baileys Comet
Smooth and silky, this is a variation on an espresso martini with Baileys in the driving seat and a cinnamon stick for added spice.


Historic Keenans
The historic pub lies at the crossroads of the mighty River Shannon flowing north to south, and the N5 linking the east and west coasts. Tarmonbarry Bridge, built in the mid-1840s and probably tolled in the early days, made the location a strategic for the new pub and it soon became a regular watering hole for travellers as it is to this day. In the mid-1970s the bridge was adapted so it could open to accommodate larger watercraft.


A pair of tiny shoes cast in bronze marks Tarmonbarry one of the first waypoints on the evocative National Famine Way, a 165km pilgrimage from Strokestown Park House to EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin.  It follows the footsteps of almost 1500 people on an ill-fated forced emigration to Canada. Keenan’s is one of the stamping stations for the trail passport carried by walkers.

The new Royal Canal Greenway begins just a couple of minutes from Keenan’s and both bike racks and secure bike lock ups are provided for customers. They’ll even do a bicycle delivery/collection service to the door on request. The Royal Canal Greenway is a 130km linear cycle path running along the canal tow path from Cloondara all the way to Maynooth. 



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Brewery Nooze🍺🍻 with Rascal's, Kinnegar, River Shannon, West Kerry, BeoirFest, Hopfully, Rebel City, Treaty City

Brewery Nooze🍺🍻

Cidery, Meadery too.. with Rascal's, Kinnegar, River Shannon, West Kerry, BeoirFest, Hopfully, Rebel City, Treaty City, Lineman, Brú, Rye, Eight Degrees and St Mel's


(if you'd like your brewery to be included in this weekly round-up, it is easy: DM a line or two with photo and link).

The World Beer Award-winning and supremely tasty Yankee White IPA is now on tap at the legendary Fionnbarra Pub on the Douglas Rd. in Cork. Up the rebels! 🍻


Kinnegar Brewing: This image is from our Spring 2018 Brewing Academy. Gold lay buried amongst the pack. Today, just over 3 years on, one of these enthusiasts is an accomplished member of our team. Our next academy takes place on 5 & 6 March 2022. Limited places. Book now.


Competition time Wrapped presentAlarm clockGrinning faceChristmas treeSanta ClausMrs. Claus An exclusive River Shannon Brewery Beanie Hat to keep the oul head warm this festive season Grinning face. Like Thumbs up and retweet to be in with a chance. Winners announced Friday 3rd December


Eight Degrees

Delighted with my Christmas beer drop from Mitchelstown. Looking forward to trying the Barleywine in particular!


Our Riasc Black lined up in gift packs ready to go 🙂
Available at #tigbhric
This favourite Winter special full of warmth


BeoirFest Lineup for Saturday next!

  • St. Mels are from Longford in the heart of Ireland and since their founding in 2014 they have built a reputation for their small batch beers.
  • OSO from Madrid in Spain by two friends from the UK. They brewed their first commercial beer in 2018 and aim to produce clean, crisp beers that are full of flavour.
  • Valduc from Ponceau in Belgium began as a project by two students of brewing. They seek to blend the deep traditions of Belgian beer with modern craft brewing, using only the basic ingredients.

Hopfully Brewing 

Dry-hopped Gose brewed with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Coriander Seads, lime, and an awesome combo of Simcoe, Mosaic and Comet hops, resulting in a refreshing, and mouth-watering brew.
Now available on the webshop (link in bio)
Artwork by @cnr_nln


Coming soon is our biggest sale ever Black Friday 2021! 20% off everything in-store plus Free Shipping from 25-29 November. Turn Black Friday Green and support local and buy gifts for your loved ones or just gifts for yourself! Exclusively available from our online shop


🌟 New Beer Alert! 🌟
Available from our online store and all daycent offies from today!
"Thank you for your query. We are currently Out of Office and will contact you when we return. In case of emergency, Drink this Can!"

👀 New look!! for Lineman's Astral Grains

The keen-eyed amongst you may have noticed that Astral Grains has had a little glow-up. Astral Grains has been a core beer and firm brewery favourite and

has taken awards since we first brewed it way way back in November 2019. 

A lifetime ago!😂

Although we were very fond of the original label it was time for a little refresh for 

the core range labels. The result is a clean finish (just like our beers!😀) and

 the core beers now look like siblings rather than distant cousins!⁠


Congratulations to the winner of the Beer Writing Award at , for work in !Party popper BRÚ was delighted to sponsor this category.Flag of Ireland Read more: brubrewery.ie/the-irish-food

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We're looking for a Shift Brewer, a Transistion Brewer and an Assistant Brewer to join the Rye River Team! For more details, click here:
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