Cheers 211801 with Sugrue Sparkling, Stonewell, O'Briens, JJ Corry, Wines of the World, Waterford Whisky

Cheers 211801 with Sugrue Sparkling, Stonewell, O'Briens, JJ Corry, Wines of the World, Waterford Whisky

Paul Barry runs through 

Some non-alcoholic beer and cider options at O'Briens Wine

There’s now also a growing range of non-alcoholic craft beers to try. Especially if your tastes tend toward the hoppier side of things. There are great Irish options too. Wicklow Wolf have Moonlight, a juicy hoppy ale with bright citrus aromas and a clean fruity finish. While Kinnegar have released Low Tide a light citrusy pale ale.


There are some great options for cider drinkers as well. Due to the method of production; the body and weight of non alcoholic cider is very close to the "real thing". That most popular of Irish ciders Bulmers have done a great job of replicating their recipe with their  0.0%.  Another great option is from Co Cork producers Stonewell. Their non-alcoholic is full of fresh fruit flavours while remaining dry and crisp. Read more here.

Happy New Year! We are delighted to share with you that J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey has made its début on the Best Selling Irish Whiskey list, as reported by Drinks International's 2021 Annual Report.

As the only independent Irish Whiskey company and Irish Whiskey Bonder listed, this is a huge achievement for us! We would like to thank our supporters around the world who have raised a glass of J.J. Corry throughout the year.

To read the full report click here. Jump to pg.16 to view the Irish Whiskey insights.

Wines of the World


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This virtual tasting will include 2 whites, 2 rosé and 2 red wines.

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"... subject to the maturation of the final distillate for at least three years in wooden casks, such as oak..."

When it comes to the production of whisky in Ireland, according to the Irish Whisky Technical File, any old wood will do. Well, we're up for testing the theory.

In our Mary Street cellars, at the Facilitator, we possess some unusual cask types that are seldom seen and used in whisky production, but which are apparently perfectly legal here in Ireland. We call them our Funnies – our exotic casks – and they include Acacia, Mulberry, Wild Cherry and Chestnut. We've even got some intriguing An-Dee-Uhn oak.

Join Ned and Megan as they open up some of these barrels in our cellar before they finally leak their contents to the cellar floor – and watch the playlist in full.

Limerick native Diarmuid Sugrue makes English Sparkling Wine by the Traditional Method in his Sugrue Vineyard South Downs.
His awards:
Winner Decanter Trophy for Best UK Sparkling Wine 2014
Gold Sommelier Wine Awards, Top 50 Decanter.

Another honour came Diarmuid's way recently when his Trouble With Dreams was included by Wine-Searcher in England in a Case, the best of English Sparkling Wine. Read more here. And, in addition, so too was a wine from the Wiston Estate, Vintage Brut, also produced by Dermot, who they say is "becoming an icon of English winemaking". I must say I thought he was already there!

Now over to the man himself:
"As the old joke goes, we have good news and we have bad news...
The bad news is that we are now out of stock of both The Trouble with Dreams 2013 and The Trouble with Dreams 2014. The Trouble with Dreams is now just available from 2015 in standard 75ml format and we also have 2017 magnums.
The good news is that both #ZODO and Cuvée Boz, our very exciting new Blanc de Blancs are coming soon! If you haven't seen the #ZODO label, it's a glorious sight to behold..."