Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Taste of the Week. Cajun Salmon from K O'Connell Fish

 Taste of the Week.

Cajun Salmon from K O'Connell Fish

O'Connell's Cajun Salmon with our Cajun Salad

Isn't it great that so many Irish butchers and fishmongers are more and more giving extra choice just like the French traiteurs. Our latest such purchase was a couple of hefty salmon fillets from O'Connell's Fish Stall in the market, both looking well in their coat of Cajun sauce. And, just to reassure you in case you don't like things too spicy, the O'Connell sauce is mild (but tasty!).

We added a bit of oomph to it ourselves, thanks to the Official Blog Chef remembering a Cajun Salad recipe from an old Reader's Digest Cookbook. Peppers, red onions and celery were involved. We didn't have everything on the list. No Tabasco, for instance. But that was very satisfactorily replaced with a dash of the excellent Dr Trouble Sauce from Zimbabwe. And the result was an warming dish in the middle of winter and our Taste of the Week.

K O'Connell Fish Merchants

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