Taste of the Week. Sage in a Pot

Taste of the Week

Sage in a Pot. Pork Pot.

Midleton chef Kevin Aherne has been one of those restaurant owners doing a bit of pivoting recently! With his popular Sage closed, he has been selling his skills in different ways via pots, pies and sides. These are now available on Neighbourfood and in many stores - keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.

I found a selection in Bradley's recently and the superb Pork Pot is our Taste of the Week. Bascially, this is slow-cooked pork, stroganoff style with Lemon and Sage. The addition of the lemon and sage is genius, enhances the pork no end without in anyway overwhelming it. The pots cost €7.50 each and for that we got a delicious main course for two. Well, we did add rice!

Looking forward now to my second pick, the Vegan Pot (red dahl with lentils, chickpeas, potatoes, cumin and coriander). Wonder what we'll add to this medium hot dish.


The Courtyard
8 Main St