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Lunch at Killarney Brewery & Distillery in Fossa.

 Lunch at Killarney Brewery & Distillery in Fossa.

Fossa is the new source of Killarney Brewing’s beer and also the  source of Killarney’s Distillery’s new whiskey (not here yet!). It is also the place where you’ll get some generous meals to go with your choice of drink.

And all of this is quite spectacular with an amazing view out front towards the McGillicuddy Reeks. I enjoyed my lunch there recently and, of course, it included a couple of beers.

The restaurant is upstairs and it is massive, room for about 150 covers I reckon. And it is a very comfortable place, very pleasing on the eye too. And the welcome and service is very friendly and efficient, and unusually, it was all male, mostly bearded fellows. Nice crew though. Of course you get that great view out through the glass and when the temperatures go up, some lucky customers will get to enjoy their food and drink on the balcony.

Let us start with the menu, the Drinks Menu that is! They have no less than eight of their own beers on offer here, everything from the Rutting Red (Irish Red) to the Brazen Banshee (a German Marzen). My pick, whenever I get the chance, is the Casey Brothers Extra Stout.

“This stout is a fuller flavour version of the classic Irish-style dry stout, with a hefty body and incredibly dense head. We employ a variety of dark malts to capture the essences of espresso, treacle, black bread and dark chocolate. Some Flahavans oats add to the smoothness of this classic beer style.” Best way to have your porridge then!

Their Blonde Ale (4.8%) is widely available in Kerry on draught and has become a favourite of CL’s. Me too! Killarney say: This blonde gets its complex malt character from several specialty malts and a touch of wheat, balanced with just the right amount of fruity hop flavour. So the stout and blonde were our picks.

CL got more of it than she bargained for because the ale, in a generous taster, is served with the Drunken Sailor (18.50), her lunch dish. The Sailor is served in a wooden box and is quite a feed. Blonde beer battered fish, fresh pea puree with a hint of mint, tartar sauce, curry sauce served with rustic chunky fries and a taster of our Killarney Blonde Beer. Allergens: Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Sulphur Dioxide, Fish, Mustard.

They have a share of burgers here, including one without meat. Various sandwiches too, and starters such as soup or wings (in two sizes).

I picked the Po Boy Breaded Prawn Torpedo (12.50), one of three sandwich choices. The Po Boy consisted of Louisiana prawns, avocado mayo, tomato, lettuce and chipotle mayo in a torpedo roll. Another large and satisfying feed.

Beer is not the only drink on offer. Their Killarney 1092 Series 8 year Old Whiskey is also available and I should probably have had tried that as it is rather rare. I don’t think it is available anywhere else.


I did have a sample a few weeks back. They wanted this whiskey to be elegant with the beer barrel (their own Imperial Stout casks) playing a role but not being allowed to dominate. It was a huge effort but they came up with a very drinkable and balanced whiskey and there was a great response to it. Nose is fresh and light with hints of white peach and pears, flavours of caramel and banana, malt and chocolate, with a smooth and red apple finish. Light, elegant and subtle, as ordered. 

Perhaps, they’ll try and replicate it in the near future! Just don’t go messing with my favourite Casey Brothers stout lads - I want that just as it is!

You may check out all the menus (Evening, Lunch, Sunday, Drinks) here. 

Tours will more than likely start sometime in May. Keep an eye on their various social media platforms for updates and then book that bus!

Cask staves make cool (if large) light shades.>>>>>

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Lunch at Killarney Brewery & Distillery in Fossa.

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