Gone for groceries. Mayfield to Bradley's.

Gone for groceries. Mayfield to Bradley's. 

#walkies (with camera) 07.04.2021

Brighter days ahead (with the ESB!)

The Montenotte (above and below)

In the grounds of the former Marymount. Wellington Road.

Cork Arts Theatre, Carroll's Quay. Keepers of the flame, even these Covid days

Sign at the Abbot Ale House

Queen Anne House (early 18th century). Popes Quay

Lose this skin! Popes Quay

Iyers. Shutters down but you can still get the good stuff to take home

Smile! Popes Quay

Lunch on Popes Quay. Looks like a regular date

Popes Quay. Colour on a dull day.

North Gate Bridge. Shine a light.

Coleman's Lane (also below)

Many of Cork's medieval lanes (many no longer extant) are marked with these
signs, quite a few in North Main Street. All Elbow
Lane beers are named after local lanes.