Jacques Add To The Variety Of Dine At Home Options. Their Castletownbere Lobster’s A Tasty Winner

Jacques Add To Variety Of Eat At Home Options

Their Castletownbere Lobster’s A Tasty Winner

Jacques are back in the game and resumed at their usual high standard as we found out last weekend. And they are also adding to the amazing variety of dishes available to take home in the city and county. Their “comeback” saw lobster on their Easter Weekend Menu and the next weekend’s offering had Fish Bouillabaisse included.

Last week, when we checked out the list, lobster was back and we were hooked. Also available were Moroccan Lamb Shanks and Organic Spatchcocked Spiced Chicken and the dessert in all cases was the very tempting Boozy Tiramisu (with lots of 5 Farms Liquor included!). Not alone do they cater for different tastes, they also cater for different budgets with prices (for 2 courses for 2 people) usually ranging from forty to fifty euro.

We rarely have lobster and even more rarely have it at home so that’s the one we ordered, tempted also by the fact that the whole meal requires no cooking on our part, just some re-heating. All easy peasy and all delicious.

No heating at all with the starter, the Jacques Paté with Sourdough Crisp Breads and Rhubarb Chutney. Enough for two people, it said! Enough for a large family, I reckon. But it wasn’t just the quantity, the quality was top-drawer.

They also have quite a selection of wine to pair with the various dishes and the Mara Martin Godello came with our box. The traditional food match is seafood, especially shellfish specialities like scallops, mussels, clams, lobster, crab and oysters. And it was spot-on, a marvellous match for the lobster. 

The main event, after 20 minutes in the oven, was now on the plate. It came with a lemon and herb butter and a parmesan crust and was  served with  their Potato Rosti and green leaf salad dressed with a French dressing. Silence descended for quite a spell, just the odd whine from the dog who waited, in vain (we did make it up to him later), for a morsel of the lobster. A superb highlight of a lovely meal.

Bet you’d like to try Jacques this coming weekend. Then do keep an eye on their social media (Instagram and Facebook mostly, I think). The menu is up every Monday. Check it out, make your choice and ring 0214277387 with your order on Monday or Tuesday. Heat At Home collections are very Friday and Saturday. 

On arrival!