Goldie lands another winner with Bosca na Farraige #4

Goldie lands another winner

with Bosca na Farraige #4

You can buy all kinds of food boxes and kits for eating at home these days. There are many excellent ones available around the country and many in the Cork area have been covered here in the blog. A large variety of cuisines are offered. Many different prices too! There is one available from Michelin starred Aimsir. It costs €210.00. The one I got last Friday from Goldie (they have a Michelin bib) cost just €35.00 and I enjoyed it very much indeed.

The initial list hardly tells the whole story:

Lobster Cocktail Marie Rose.
Smoked Haddock Kedgeree Pasty.
Chervil & Seaweed Scones.
Whipper Thermidor Butter.
Gherkin Ketchup/Ale Muster/Kraut.
'Beelionaires' Caramel Slice.

By the way, there is no cooking involved here!

This is your Lobster Cocktail Marie Rose. It is Crosshaven lobster claw and tail steamed and dressed in Goldie Marie rose sauce with a salad of iceberg, cos and fennel. Superb starter

This was our "main course", the Smoked Haddock Kedgeree Pasty. The pasty is filled with haddock and potato kedgeree. It is ready to eat cold but we got a tip to warm it in the oven for a few minutes and we were on a winner. It was delicious and even more so with the surprising Gherkin ketchup (I loved that). Not so much with the mustard kraut but that is down to personal taste rather than anything to do with quality!

You often see seaweed listed in the ingredients but it doesn't always impact on the dish. Here it did, in a delightful way. These Chervil and Seaweed scones were a favourite of mine. I managed to keep one of the four for the following day when it tasted just as well if not better. Also in the picture is the Whipped Thermidor Butter, a compound butter flavoured with all the ingredients that usually feature in a thermidor sauce that is classically served with lobster!

Goldie has won its spurs as a fish restaurant but their desserts never disappoint. This 'Beelionaires' Caramel Slice (x4) was superb, a well thought out finalĂ©, not too heavy and not too light, just the job.

Each week, Goldie includes a "simple recipe" in each Bosca. This week, they featured their lovely Marie Rose Sauce.

What will they come up with for the coming weekend? They post it on their social media early in the week so do look out for Bosca na Farraige #5!