Airfield Estate Sets Ambitious Goal to Lower Overall Carbon Footprint by 25%

Organic gardens at Airfield

Airfield Estate is set across 38-acres in the heart of Dundrum, in the Dublin suburbs, a charitable trust gifted to the people of Ireland by the Overend family in 1974. While widely recognised as a beautiful urban farm and food destination for family and friends, the core mission of Airfield is to inspire and enable people to make food choices that are better for their health, their wealth and the environment.

Airfield Estate, Dublin

Sets Ambitious Goal to Lower Overall Carbon Footprint by 25%


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With sustainability at its core, Airfield Estate, has committed to ambitious plans to significantly lower its carbon footprint by 25% by the end of 2021.


Airfield Estate has carried out a carbon footprint assessment of the estate for 2019 to establish its baseline carbon footprint data. The review was conducted by RPS and it highlighted the level of emissions produced by the estate together with practical solutions to reduce them.


“Airfield Estate continues to be a very carbon-conscious organisation with sustainability at the heart of all its activities. The carbon footprint of our energy, livestock, water, waste and land management has now been measured and we are accelerating our journey to reduce our footprint . The goal is to reduce our overall carbon footprint by 25% by the end of 2021” said Grainne Kelliher, CEO, Airfield Estate.


The 2021 goals set to reduce Airfield’s carbon footprint are as follows:

  • Decrease Waste by 46% (improve waste segregation, on site composting and a reduction of waste to landfill)
  • Decrease Electricity & Gas Consumption by 26% (implement additional energy saving practices)
  • Decrease Vehicle Fuel Consumption by 7%
  • Implement site wide Regenerative Land Management practices (enhance biodiversity and increase carbon sequestration)


“We would like our annual pass holders and visitors to know that when they are visiting Airfield Estate that they are visiting a low carbon and sustainable environment. As measures are implemented to help reduce the carbon footprint of our activities, we will highlight these as “sustainable stops” on the paths around the site. We want people to understand the concept of small changes can mean big impact, to leave the estate inspired to make changes in their homes and workplaces to reduce their own carbon footprint. Additional rainwater harvesting, improved solar technology and regenerative land management practices will feature in these initiatives. We are publicly declaring our carbon footprint and communicating our reduction journey so that others can learn from our experience and feel empowered to follow suit” continues Grainne.


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