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Beer, Wine, Spirits
with Red Nose Wine, Bradley's, Wicklow Wolf, 
Waterford Whiskey Society, BeoirFest, Whiplash, Teeling

Its Spring(ish) & more wines just in 

"Thank you for your patience as we have had the shop on a partial closure ( i.e. take orders for collection and in some cases delivery ). We felt it was the right thing to do with the numbers so high. 

The good news is that the bare shelves have been restocked and a few new wines have arrived including a big winter Malbec Gran Reserva. 

We hope to open up again properly soon but for the moment we will keep the the call/email to order for collection model. You can pay over the phone and we can drop it out to your car without any contact when you collect. In some instances, for our more vulnerable customers, we can arrange to drop it to locally. 

You can email with an idea of what you want or alternatively call 085-8889045 and we will get back to you with options asap. Ideally we plan to facilitate collections twice a week as the shop won’t be manned at regular hours." 


Wicklow Wolf Strikes Again

Apex Espresso 

Endangered Species No. 16 


We have taken our delicious Oatmeal Stout, Apex and let our brewer’s imagination run wild. The result? An Espresso Oatmeal Stout. We enlisted the help of our friends in Java Republic to add over 2,500 fresh shots of AA Single Origin Costa Rican Dota espresso to the brew.

Apex Espresso is a delicious, 6.5% oatmeal stout that is packed full of fresh dark fruits, chocolate, honey and of course a strong burst of fruity espresso. These flavours are all supported with a hint creamy sweetness and a smooth, lingering finish leaving you wanting more.



Here you have it, our very own silly stout. Fakey made a brief appearance on draught back toward the end of 2019 when we’d just commissioned our new brewhouse and we’ve been wanting to put this very silly beer to can for some time now. A nice counterbalance to the no frills Fatal Deviation, Fakey Cake Maker sees us frill it up with a very complex grist of Pilsner, Carabohemian, British Dark Crystal, Chocolate malt and molasses rich Muscovado Sugar to lay the thick engine oil, soupy soupy groundwork for more messing in tank. Fermented on Coconut Puree for a creamy and thick Bounty Bar mouthfeel consistency before a heavy coffee addition of bright single origin Ethiopian coffee from our friends at 3FE and the final addition of roasted hazelnuts to garnish this sauce with more decadence.
We’d considered the addition on a fine brogue but were unsure of how to fit it in the mash filter, but we won’t be annoyed if anyone sends us their best pic of this being poured lavishly from a shoe.
2/3 new beers launching this evening on the webshop.
ABV 11.0%
440ml Cans
Artwork by Sophie Devere

Bradleys Have It In The Bag For You
Bags of love in Bradley’s this week! #ValentinesDay #Champagne #wine #craftbeer #whiskey #chocolate


BeoirFest Tasting Tables

Flag of Ireland
Beer mug
Interested in Irish Craft Beer? Check out our series of tasting tables. Each week we'll have 3 brewers (& a beer each) getting together to compare, contrast, discuss and just generally chat.

Starting Feb 27. #craftbeer #irishbeer


Teeling whiskey tasting

Online Event - Waterford Whiskey Society is delighted to announce that their second tasting for 2021 will take place over ZOOM on Tuesday the 22nd February at 7:00pm.
At the start of the tasting we will be guided through a virtual tour of the distillery itself, its history and location.
The event will feature the Teeling Whiskey Distillery and the tasting will be led by Chris Hayes their European Brand Ambassador.
Get all the details here but don't delay!