The Cask Box opens onto a magic road. Variety, colour, flavour, texture

The Cask Box opens onto a magic road.

Variety, colour, flavour, texture

Beef Short Rib Chimichanga

Open the Cask Box onto a magic road. Exotic signs along the way: Chimichanga, Empanadas, Koftas, Bravas. This is a food trail that we are on, guided by a Brazilian chef and packed with surprising variety, colour, flavour, texture. Six major stops on the delicioso camino.


The box itself, which we picked up from the front door in MacCurtain Street, looks small enough but it is packed with a generous amount of good stuff. Some unlisted items are included. Big green olives, as large as pigeon eggs, big but exquisite. Some bread too and a trio of colourful and tasty dips to be starting with as we begin to make sense of the directions (don't worry, nothing at all too onerous here). Indeed the few minutes preparations for the courses encourages you to get up and chat and sip a little wine.

Cask are justly famous for their cocktails and you have the option of adding two or more to your order. But I had a bottle of wine on hand that I figured would go well with Cask in a Box. And the Menade Verdejo Ecologica Vino De La Tierra De Castilla Y Leon excelled itself across most of the “courses”. I didn’t chance it against the Chocolate Empanadas but it stood out when paired with Monkfish Croquettes, Prawn & Chorizo Stew and especially (and slightly surprisingly) with the Lamb Kofta (with Raita sauce). 

In no time at all, the Patatas Bravas with their sauce were on the table and, in no time at all they, along with the garlic aioli, had vanished. By then, the Monkfish Croquettes were at hand and, served with a tasty salad of large peas and with a lime and honey aioli, were thoroughly enjoyed.

An impressive surf and turf combination followed: the Prawn and Chorizo Stew that sat atop a bed of rice. The wine sang in tune with this beauty. And stood out too when paired with the next round: Lamb Kofta in a tomato sauce. Tasty stuff with the raita providing a cooling touch.

While all these are classed as Tapas, they are not your one or two bite Spanish style tapas. These are more like small plates, designed for sharing, quite generous portions indeed as was certainly the case with our next plate.

This was Beef Short Rib Chimichanga. Chimichanga I had to look up and found this definition: a tortilla wrapped round a filling, typically of meat, and deep-fried and may have originated in Mexico or even in Arizona.

Our Chimichanga was multi-layered and was packed with the shredded beef and took just seven minutes in the oven. Then it was cut in half and placed on the delicious guacamole and tomato salsa. Another superb dish from @chefvictorfranca and the team at Cask.


And still there was one more stop on this fabulous food journey, the sweet one, of course. And it was wickedly sweet, sugar laced Empanadas with a shot of the chocolate in the pocket, just a shot but a strong one! We just about finished one and kept the other for the next day; not as crisp then but still delicious.

So now you know. If you’re looking for something different, order that box (a vegan selection also available) from Cask (€40 for two people). They have other choices as well, including Prawn Empanadas, Chicken Empanadas and Taquitos. Not all “exotic” boy - you could well be tempted by the Beef and Beamish Pie (covered with Parmesan cheese)!

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