Indian Aagrah via Deliveroo. Timing was spot-on and meal was pretty good too!

Indian Aagrah via Deliveroo. Timing was spot-on and meal was pretty good too!

Chicken Tikka Masala

Curiosity got the better of me last weekend and I broke my Deliveroo duck. I remember trying the food delivery service a few years back but then they weren’t delivering to Mayfield - I presume the hills had something to do with that.

When I checked the other night, they were providing a service here. I ran through some of the restaurants and spotted the likes of Miyazaki and Thali but it seemed neither of those were available when I actually tried to place an order.

Then I saw that Indian Aagrah, from Sunday’s Well, were. They had been recommended to me during a recent physio session so we made our choices. Delivery would be between 30 and 50 minutes and, sure enough, though the tracking varied a bit, it arrived bang-on in the middle of that period. So the Deliveroo delivery experience was more or less faultless. 

Shahi Chicken Tandoori. Leftovers tasted even better the next day!

Had been looking out for the bike! And was a little disappointed when it came by car 😉. But no problem. This kind of eating-in can quickly leave you with quite a bill. There is a delivery charge (per delivery, not per item). There are also slots (these voluntary) for tips for the restaurant (just a rounding up to the next euro) and the driver. Our bill, without beers or wine or soft drinks, came close to fifty euro for two starters and two mains. However, for this month, there is a tenner discount for first time users so that came in handy.

The menu at Aagrah (in the old Annie’s Bar & Restaurant, hardly in the heart of Shandon as indicated on Deliveroo) is very extensive and includes Tandoori, Korma, Tikka, vegetarian, Biryani, Chef’s Specials, even native choice (Cork natives, I presume).

They have a few mixed platters (for two) in the longish starter list. Here, we picked their Samosas, getting two of vegetable and two with veg and meat. 

From a range of Tikka Masala dishes, our meat choice was the chicken (15.50). Marinated in yogurt and herbs & spices. Gently cooked in a clay oven then tossed with ground almonds, coriander, pistachios, green chilies & onions. Lots of ingredients in the Masala including paprika and tomatoes.This dish, Aagrah say, “is the most popular dish in the UK and is regarded as a national dish”.

Samosas, with mint dip, salad

Our other mains was Shahi Chicken Tandoori - Chicken marinated in spiced yoghurt & cooked on charcoal. It is then cooked to perfection in bay leaf juices with tomatoes, onions, green chilies with Hyderabadi sauce (15.00).

They say:  “An exclusive style of cooking where meat is grilled then stir fried in a special thava (metal plate) with onions, peppers, sliced green chilies and sliced ginger.”

In addition - no extra charge - we got two Naan breads and also a container of Turmeric Rice (Basmati) plus a container of mild curry sauce. Good quality and plenty to eat. Indeed, we each had some left over and used it for lunch the following day when, as it turned out, the Shahi Tandoori in particular tasted even better than it did the previous evening! Quite a bonus.