Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Taste of the Week. Woodside Farm Pork

 Taste of the Week. 

Woodside Farm Pork

We've missed out on the Farmers Markets over the past few months before a quick visit to the one at Mahon Point (Cork) recently.

A few days later, at the weekend, we realised what we had been missing when the slow-cooked pork shoulder landed on the table. The pork, raised free-range by Woodside Farm in East Cork, is incomparable. Packed with amazing flavour, juicy and tender, it is Taste of the Week.

The Woodside pigs live outdoors all of their lives where they root and forage. They sleep in movable arks on straw bedding."We don't feed our pigs commercial ration, instead they are fed mainly rolled wheat and we also grow Kale and Swede Turnip.They are rotated onto fresh pasture regularly."

Co. Cork

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