Taste of the Week. Cameron Bakery Pastries

Taste of the Week 

Cameron Bakery Pastries

We've got a sweet Taste of the Week for you this week. Just pop into Cameron Bakery (either in Washington Street or the new store at Parnell Place, where I was a few days ago) and pick out any one, or two or three, of their pastries. 

There's such a decadent profusion of sensuous pleasures here that you just can't go wrong! Get a Raspberry Macaron, a Mille Feuille, even an Opera (that sumptious coffee and chocolate melange) and you'll think you're shopping in Paris. 

And it's not just the sweet things. I got a beautiful seeded loaf here that is an absolute knockout - I especially enjoyed it with some of the Carraignamuc cheese (Tomme style) that I got via Neighbourfood. They also do savoury including Croque Monsieur, Le Parisien and O'Flynns Gourmet Sausage Roll.

Cameron at Parnell Place
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