WATCH OUT WORLD!!! JUST RELEASED! Original Gravity Irish Oak-Aged Barleywine

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Original Gravity Irish Oak-Aged Barleywine

It's that time of the year again! We've been busy brewing and barrel-aging something very special for your drinking pleasure this Christmas: watch out world, because our 2021 winter release is ORIGINAL GRAVITY Irish Oak-Aged Barleywine. A bright ruby red with pure Christmas on the nose folowed by lots of warm woody vanilla and oak tannins, alongside deep caramel malt, dried cherries, raisins and dates. There's a touch of candied fruit and a smooth lingering toffee flavour. 

Our ORIGINAL GRAVITY competition came about because we wanted to celebrate ten years of brewing at Eight Degrees by showcasing Ireland-based artists. Earlier this year we ran a competition looking for artworks that reflected our Naturally Adventurous values, expressing our desire to explore and roam again. The winners, each of whom won €1,000, have featured on this ORIGINAL GRAVITY series of five limited beer releases, giving emerging artists a can-sized exhibition space.

ORIGINAL GRAVITY Irish Oak-Aged Barleywine with Coireall Carroll Kent
Aged in especially rare Irish whiskey barrels that have been made from native Irish oak, this barleywine is a special seasonal sipper to be savoured with all the Christmas treats: blue cheese and spiced beef, dark chocolate and Christmas pudding, mince pies and Christmas cake.
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Artist statement: Coireall Carroll Kent
I spent a lot of the pandemic trekking across the Irish countryside, and many of the roads that I took to are shrouded in trees just like these. The knots are naturally rooted in Celtic culture, with the concentric circles representing both the curves of our landscape and the bubbles in a good drink!
Discover the artist on Instagram: @coireallcarrollkent