O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage Company Expands Nationwide with Multiple Distribution Deals

O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage Company Expands Nationwide with Multiple Distribution Deals


Declan and Jordan O’Flynn at the English Market in Cork (Brian Lougheed)

Cork based, O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage Company has signed a nationwide distribution deal with Musgraves. Their gourmet products will be available for distribution to 250 SuperValu stores and over 300 Centra Stores over the coming months. This is the largest distribution deal the company has ever secured. Already throughout the month of October, O'Flynn's has made their products available in over 160 SuperValu and Centra Stores. The company has also secured a distribution deal with Dunnes Stores, with the company initially serving the Cork market with a view to expanding nationally early in 2022. 


"Distribution is growing every week and we are working closely with the Musgraves, Supervalu and Centra retailers, Dunnes Stores, and Tesco to roll out our products nationwide", said Declan O'Flynn, owner of O'Flynn's Gourmet Sausages.


O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage company was established in the English Market. For four generations, they have been using old family recipes that have been passed down through generations to produce their gourmet products. O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages have built a strong and loyal customer base in Cork over the generations. 


The family-run company produces its products from their factory in Wilton, Cork city. In addition to their English Market stall, they also serve sausage sandwiches from 'the hatch' located on Cork City's Winthrop Street. 

The company is also working with Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices, and Intertrade Ireland on New Product Development and Export Initiatives.


Declan O'Flynn, Owner of O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages said: “It's great that the hard work that our family has put into this business over the last number of years is paying off. It really is a team effort. I run the business with my wife, Anne. My brother, Dave O'Flynn works on deliveries and sales and ensures all our customers are happy with what we are producing, whilst my other brother, Stephen works in production and is our chief sausage-maker. My own son, Jordan, has recently become more involved with the business as he manages our social media accounts with the rest of the marketing team.


“We pride ourselves on making high-quality products which are bursting with flavour. In the English Market we have over 50 sausages that we have created ourselves, drawing from food cultures all over the world. Our products range from 70 to 90% meat content, with the rest being made up of spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables, so it really is a premium product that we are looking to produce.


“Our sales team have started to roll out our sausages across the country, and we hope to be fully nationwide over the next few months.”


Over the last 18-months, the focus of the company has been all about growing their production and retail operations. 

"We have significantly invested in both equipment and our staff working in our sausage factory. It's critical for us that as we grow we maintain the same high standards that we've had serving the people of Cork for generations. For us that's the main thing. We must keep high quality sausage-making at the forefront of everything we do as a company".


All O'Flynn's products are made with the finest of meats, spices, vegetables, and fruits, where they draw upon a blend of local and international flavours, producing a premium product that is intended to be used in stews, pasta dishes, pizzas, soups, meatballs, and much more. They also have a traditional breakfast sausage. 


"Each of our sausages has its own story", says Declan. "The Sweet Italian Sausage derives from North America. After the troops came home from World War 2, they craved the Italian sausages they had tried in Italy. Today, it can be found in every corner of the country, each to their own recipe. It even got a cameo in the famous TV show The Sopranos. It is a mix of coarse ground Pork, fennel, sweet dried basil, garlic & paprika. It is a great addition in soups, stews, pasta & pizza and if you remove the casing it can be used as meatballs or it's fantastic added to a Bolognese sauce."

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