Hayfield Manor launches exclusive range of GROUND holistic rituals


Hayfield Manor launches exclusive range of GROUND holistic rituals


Handmade by founder Peigín Crowley in County Cork, GROUND is a collection of face balms and body oils that are 100% natural, giving nourishment while helping us to bring focus, ritual and intention into our mind and body. 

“I am beyond proud, partnering with Hayfield Manor is an absolute privilege,” says creative aromatherapist and GROUND founder, Peigín Crowley, “being proudly Cork - Hayfield Manor is simply iconic, we have celebrated many family gatherings at this luxury hotel and treasure it’s warm welcome & charm”. 

GROUND Rituals have been designed in collaboration with Rachel O’Malley, Hayfield Manor’s own award-winning therapist. During Lockdown, Peigin & Rachel created rituals together that celebrate the importance of taking space for sacred moments to mind yourself and be minded, to reconnect to source and replenish. Blending mindfulness — being fully present in our body with breathwork, the power of touch, and the potent aromatherapy oils, GROUND Rituals will invite this awareness while encouraging a relaxed and peaceful state, a return to self.

“So fortunate to have worked with the very brilliant Rachel O'Malley - veteran therapist (twice awarded Therapist of the Year by Irish Tatler no less) and Spa Supervisor at Hayfield Manor. COVID gifted us months together, crafting these GROUND Rituals - designing all that we love about the power of touch coupled with self-care woven into purposeful massage rituals” – Peigin Crowley

Hayfield Manor will be the first in Ireland to offer ‘The Balancing Ritual’ especially created to empower & support women through change, offering relief of Perimenopause & Menopause symptoms. “Designed with women in mind, this hands-on approach to wellbeing is truly holistic, using Breathwork, Cold Stone Massage Therapy, Gua Sha, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage - this unique and purposeful ritual will bring alignment and balance when going through this change and experiencing the symptoms of menopause at any stage” says Treatment Designer Rachel O’Malley.

Rachel O’Malley

There are six GROUND Rituals at Hayfield Manor — 

  • The ‘tóg go bog é’ Full Body Massage (60 mins, €110), 
  • The Grounding Ritual for Deep Relaxation (60 mins, €115 or 90 mins, €160), 
  • The Restorative Ritual for the Face, Neck & Scalp (60 mins, €120), 
  • The Comforting Ritual for Pregnancy (60 mins, €115 or 90 mins, €160)
  • The Cleansing Ritual for Gut Harmony (60 mins €105
  • The Balancing Ritual for Peri-menopause & Menopause (60 mins, €120 or 90 mins, €165),

Each GROUND Ritual includes gentle breathwork, hands-on rhythmical pressures and techniques, including Gua Sha stones, and the compelling powers of aromatherapy oils. All these elements combine to create a mindful moment in time customised for you — a moment to be truly present in your body as you lean into relaxation and peacefulness.