Thursday, September 17, 2020

Before and after with Chateau Feely. Mystery from Wines of the World. O'Briens Whiskey Cuts. And more on wine, beer and spirits in Cheers #21

Before and after with Chateau Feely in the Dordogne.  

Mystery from Wines of the World. O'Briens Whiskey Cuts. And more on wine, beer and spirits in Cheers #21





If you read Caro’s books you know that Caro and Sean Feely bought this farm that was in liquidation in 2005. It was run down and in partial ruin. Each year, as budget allows, the Feelys lovingly restore another piece of this small piece of paradise.

In this post Caro shares some photos from the archives and an excerpt from Grape Expectations, from the day friends, Helen and Derek Melser, cleared the brush and forest and the Feelys discovered the building that would become the Wine Lodge. Much more here as they followed their dream in the Dordogne. 

Wines Of The World

Wines Of The World have two interesting items this week. 


"Our next virtual tasting is something special.

This time we are pairing Wine & Chocolate.

Worth over €120, purchase now for just €99

- over a 20% saving!"

2 - This week they put the spotlight on 2 favourites from Australia and 2 from Chile. 

All the details here.

New offers have landed in the Irish Whiskey Sale at O'Briens

The weather is fine, and the O’Briens Irish Whiskey Sale continues, what more could we ask for! This week in the blog we are giving you the inside track on some unique Irish Whiskeys featured in the sale. Natterjack, Dingle, Writers Tears reduced - all the details here

Wines Direct And Winemaker Pier Paolo Antolini Give Finger To Covid 19

The cool thing about this case (other than the excellent wine and its funky label) is its ageing potential. It may be the best time capsule from this crazy moment in time. Who cannot wait to look back on all of this in the rearview mirror while sipping a smooth and beautifully aged Amarone? The Valpolicella Classico is ready for drinking now but can be put away for a few years. The rest can be put away for 5+ years and the Amarone for 10+ years! Just be sure to age your wine in a cool, dark place where temperatures do not fluctuate. More details here

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