Saturday, September 5, 2020

Taste of the Week. Salted Caramelitas by Sonas

Taste of the Week
Salted Caramelitas by Sonas 

I never know for sure what I'll find when I start shopping online at Neighbourfood. But always pretty sure that I'll have at least one taste of the week to write about.

These delicious Caramelitas, produced by Sonad Trading, have been catching the attention recently and are definitely Taste of the Week.

They sell them well on the Neighbourfood order sheet: We love the juxtaposition of salty and sweet ... and these little love bombs of deliciousness have a great balance - loads of salted caramel (made with Gloun Cross Dairy cream and Irish Atlantic Sea salt), dark chocolate, buttery organic oats, tones of vanilla ... Incredibly intense but deeply satisfying ... like an old familiar love song. 10-12 little bites in a box. They’re intense but very addictive! Do not contain nuts but made in a kitchen where nuts are used. 

Local and lovely. Couldn't have put it better myself. Go on. Treat yourself. I find them superb with the mid-morning coffee.

Blackrock based Sonas Trading is a unique mix of Irish and Malaysian. Pia Zain came from Malaysia, and was trained at Ballymaloe. She instantly fell in love with quality of food and ingredients in Ireland, and stayed! More info on Pia and her many delights here.

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