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Distinguished Guest List as Supervalu French Wine Sale Kicks Off

Distinguished Guest List
 as Supervalu French Wine Sale Kicks Off 
Wine of the Month
Supervalu Wine buyer Kevin O’Callaghan has an inviting line-up of guest wines available for their French Wine Sale (from 3rd to 23rd September).  Something from all regions of the country, from Alsace to Cahors, red, white, rosé and sparkling, from big names like Meursault to lesser known appellations such as Coteaux de Béziers.
In curating the wines for the French Wine Sale, Kevin has introduced these 10 Special Guest Wines for a limited run in the sale. “I am delighted to reveal the line-up for the SuperValu French Wine Sale, and especially to introduce 10 amazing Special Guest Wines which will be joining our range for this limited time.  Our sale includes wines for all tastes and all budgets, we hope our customers enjoy discovering these new and exciting wines.” As usual, there are of course many more than just the 10 guests wines on offer.
We’ll take a closer look here at one red and one white and, next week, it will be the turn of the sparkling  Simonnet-Febvre Crémant de Bourgogne (looking forward to that) along with a few more of the guests. Note that the Special Guest Wines will be available for a limited time during the French Wine Sale.
Georges Vigouroux “Pigmentum” Malbec Cahors (AOP) 2018, 13%, €9.84 (14.75)

Let us start with this Malbec from Cahors, the Supervalu Wine of the Month. A striking purple; twirl it in a big glass and see that remarkable hue. An intense aroma of red and darker berries, some floral notes notes too. Smooth restrained palate with much the same fruits in the flavours, tannins close to smooth. And a decent mid-length finish.
Makes for a very acceptable aperitif and recommended food pairings are: everyday meals as well as more elaborate dishes such as roast pork, leg of lamb, duck, beef tagine, cannelloni, chicken curry, and vol au vent.
Supervalu’s Kevin is a fan: “A wine that is sure to provide pleasure with its beautiful red colour with a bouquet of summer flowers as well as powerful red and black fruit flavours. 100% Malbec selected from the highest and best gravely and clay terraces of the Cahors Appellation, situated near the Lot River, in the Southwest of France.”
In recent decades, mention Malbec and people think Argentina. But Malbec was the star in Cahors, long before the South Americans exploited the variety. The new challenge made the French sit up and bring about improvements in their own Malbec. 
Gustave Lorentz Pinot Blanc Réserve Vin d’Alsace (AC) 2019, 13%, €11.80 (18.68).

Perhaps you prefer a white wine? Pinot Blanc may not be the best known member of the family that also includes Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, but it makes excellent wines in Germany, Austria, Northern Italy and here in Alsace (where it is used in production of still, sparkling and sweet dessert wines).
This one, a "Guest" wine, has a pale gold/yellow colour, the merest hint of green. Quite an intense nose, fresh blossoms and white fruits. Superb mouthfeel with citrus prominent, leading the fruit-forward attack. Smooth and subtle with a dry and elegant finish. 
The label describes it as subtle and nervous. Wouldn’t disagree. Quite a well-rounded, well-balanced wine from an under-rated grape. Very food friendly, according to the makers who suggest it pairs well with all kind of simple dishes of fish, white meat, poultry, and egg based dishes (quiches, pies etc).
Just one page of the booklet - pick one up in store.
The Guests
The Special Guest Wines that will be available in SuperValu for a limited time during the French Wine Sale are:

George Duboeuf Moulin-à-Vent €11.80 (18.68);
La Perriere Mégalithe Sancerre €21.64 (€31.48);
Domaine Laffitte Sauvignon Blanc Reserve €7.87 (11.80)
Domaine Laffitte Rosé €7.87 (11.80)
Domaine Laffitte Cabernet-Franc Malbec €7.87 (11.80)
Simonnet-Febvre Cremant de Bourgogne €24.59 (€29.50);
Meursault Blanc Louis Latour €39.95 (€68.85);
Gustave Lorentz Pinot Blanc Reserve €11.80(€18.68);
Hommage du Rhone Vinsobres €11.80 (€15.73);
Alma Cersius Coteaux de Béziers €9.84 (€14.75).

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