Taste of the Week. Harissa Chicken Fillet

Taste of the Week
Harissa Chicken Fillet

No problem finding a taste of the week when the order from Neighbourfood arrives. The only trouble is picking one for The Taste of the Week.

This week the nod goes to On the Pig’s Back for their Harissa Chicken Fillet. Many of you will know that Harissa is a hot sauce or paste used in North African cuisine, made from chilli peppers, paprika, and olive oil.

The chicken is top quality and the version of the sauce in which it was cooked was fairly hot. We enjoyed it for lunch with a salad (leaves and radish from the garden) and some left-over potato. The salad helped cool the sauce and we there and then decided to order our new Taste of the Week again. And again!

On The Pig’s Back 

Must say that On The Pig's Back is one of the stars of my NeighbourFood box.We've told you recently about their stunning quiches and they have an endless selection of top cheese (Hegarty's and Durrus now in the fridge). A day or two after the chicken (above), we enjoyed their superb Fish Pie Grattan. You might well query: what's the big deal about a fish pie? This is something special. The main ingredients (smoked haddock, cod, and salmon) are more or less the usual. They add in carrot, leek, celery, fennel, garlic, potato, white wine, cream, herbs, breadcrumbs, cheese, olive oil, butter and cornflour. Throw in their experience and attention to detail and you a beauty on your hands, on your plate, as good as many a restaurant meal! It comes frozen and will keep for three months or so. No waiting around here!