Bubble Brothers in the mix and much more on wine, beer and spirits in Cheers #18

Bubble Brothers in the mix and much more on wine, beer and spirits in Cheers #18

Bubble Brothers have a staycation mix for you!
We hope you're all well, and making the most of the occasional summer weather. Our website is continuing to work hard for us (thank you), but in case you haven't visited lately, we have a very attractive new offer for you—with something extra if you are able to 'click and collect'. Details here

Black's New "High" IPA

You are about to experience a brand new High PA, this unique new beer is brewed with the terpenes ( flavour and aroma oils ) extracted from the legendary cannabis strain Maui Wowie. A Strain known for its tropical favours and stress-relieving qualities hat will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii where this strain originally comes from.
A heavy mango and Pineapple base with notes of pine and pepper!
More details on the new brew and distillery progress here

O'Briens Wines Feature 12 Acres Brewing
In county County Laois one of Ireland’s finest breweries produces beer with a ‘ground to glass’ ethos. 12 Acres Brewing Co. make beer using barley grown on their family farm surrounding the brewery and with spring water drawn from deep below the land.
12 Acres is headed up by Paddy McDonald who after traveling the world with his then girlfriend, now wife Aisling, found himself back in Ireland and began to look at his employment options as Ireland emerged from recession. Thankfully, he brought something back from his travels, a love of craft beer. Read more here.

Kylie Minogue photographed at The Ritz London, August 2020, (c) Darenote Ltd.

Kylie Minogue Wines are thrilled to introduce 
the latest two wines in the Kylie Minogue Wines portfolio: the Signature Sauvignon Blanc and the Signature Merlot. Both the Sauvignon Blanc and the Merlot complete the long-awaited Kylie Minogue Wines’ Signature Range, which also includes the wildly popular and best-selling Signature Rosé, debuted in May by pop icon Kylie Minogue.

Fun and spontaneous like Kylie herself, the Signature Sauvignon Blanc originates from Gascony, in the south-west of France, and carries a fresh and lively nose of lime blossom and gooseberry, whilst zesty and crisp on the palate - described by Kylie as the perfect accompaniment with a fresh watermelon, feta and mint salad.

The Kylie Minogue Wines’ Signature Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot will be available exclusively in Ireland on www.WinesofTheWorld.ie and Carry Out Off Licences at an RRP of €12.99 from Monday 24th August.

Italy's Alto Adige: A Small Land Shows Its Greatness

Pampered by Mediterranean sun, shaped by the Alpine landscape, prepared by experienced winegrowers, and prized by wine connoisseurs throughout the world: wine from Alto Adige. Read the well-illustrated Wine-Searcher article here