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The Delightful Ardmore Cliff Walk

The Delightful Ardmore Cliff Walk

The Ardmore Cliff Walk is a loop, about 4 kilometres long, starting and finishing in the village. Immediately after passing the Cliff House Hotel, you'll find yourself in St Declan's Hermitage. Then you continue on around the headland. Note a couple of lookout buildings and a wreck.  Next, you turn back towards the round tower in the distance. Well preserved and well worth checking out, along with graves from an earlier shipwreck, that of the SS Ary. A few minutes later, you'll find yourself back in the village. After an hour's walking, you may be tempted to bathe those tired feet in the salt water. Much more detail on this local site here .
Park down in the village and check out the fabulous beach.
Much of the walk is about St Declan and you'll pass this on your left on your way up towards
the Cliff House Hotel (below)

The gable end of the Cliff House Hotel. Restaurant here is Michelin starred.

St Declan's Well

Follow the bishop

The sea was so calm on Monday. Not always so, as this wreck of the crane barge Samson testifies.
It's been here since 1987.

A signal tower, like the restored one in Kinsale, both part of an early 19th century defence system.
.From here, you can see the next one west, in Knockadoon.

Like to see this when the winds are high and the waves crash in!

Don't forget to look "inland" from time to time

Where does the sea meet the sky?

Fr O'Donnell's Well

The round tower overlooks the bay. If you started your walk via the Cliff House, you'll end the loop here.
But you may also do the walk in reverse.

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