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Dr Trouble Sauces Are Addictive! Enhances your food and doesn't overpower

Dr Trouble Sauces Are Addictive!
Complements your food and doesn't overpower.

Could your BBQ skills do with an upgrade? Fed up of the same old chicken wings? The same old nuts with your beer? Boring breakfasts? You need Dr Trouble. He’ll even give your Bloody Mary a lift.

Dr Trouble is a sauce, a hot one. So what? You might say. As I did, when I got two small sample bottles in the post. After all, I think I’m not the only one with old sauce bottles, half-empty ones, in the back of the cupboard.
But I gave them a try and can say, having tried it with two simple recipes from their Facebook page, that Dr. Trouble is like no other sauce in this very competitive market segment. It is rich, vibrant and packed with flavour. It is not screaming hot and when used in the cooking comes out very balanced indeed, adding a smooth kick without the pain! It enhances rather than overpowers!
Warm sun ripened, organic, fresh lemons give more juice... 4 juicy, organic lemons inside every small 250ml bottle 

It is a blend of 25% Bird’s eye chilli, mango masala and bursting with full-bodied flavour, delivering a clean lemon, smoke filled hit. I’ll let Dr Trouble tell you the details:
“We produce the only commercial chilli sauce on the market using 100% pure, freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

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This all happens on Chingoma Farm, near Guruve Zimbabwe. Here the mix is allowed stand in large bottles in the sun for between 60 to 90 days. This slow process allows full infusion of the flavours with the fresh lemon juice...creating the tangy unique taste of Dr Trouble sauces.

Albert (Albi) Oberholzer, who represents Dr Trouble in Ireland and the UK from his base in Belfast, told me the ingredients are natural spices, salt, lemon juice and chillies. The salt is sourced locally from the Kgalagadi salt pans in Botswana.

“The method involves preparing the ingredients and then leaving the mixture to ‘mature’ out in the sun in a glass bottle. The lemons and chillies are traded from the local tribes in the area - who were introduced to lemons by the missionaries for medical properties and cleaning applications.The tribes grow chilli bushes among their crops to deter wild animals - chillis were introduced by the neighbouring Portuguese through Mozambique who traded into Africa with Arabs for ivory and other such materials at the turn of the 18th century”.
“The father of Robert (Rob) Fletcher (Albi’s partner) found the recipe about 50 years ago among his grandfather’s belongings and they have been making the chilli sauce on the farm for the family, friends and neighbours. Rob commercialised the sauce over the last 7 years and we worked on it over the last 3 years to get it to UK & EU standard.”

“It’s perfect with, chicken, lamb, steak and often game meat as well as sides include anything from potato bakes to corn on the cob – we think it’s the most versatile sauce on the planet. Wherever you need a little acidity, heat, smoke and depth – Dr Trouble will lift your grilling game.”

Hot wings 
These didn't last too long!
The first recipe that we tried is a quick and ultra-tasty version of the hot wing! Chef Nyasha Mangwiro came up with the idea and it is fairly simple.
Pat dry your wings, sprinkle some sea salt on them and prepare the marinade.
The marinade is Oregano, thyme, pepper and grated garlic, combine with your favourite Dr. Trouble sauce (either sauce is fine but I used the lemon). (By the way, this marinade is key, the ingredients so well chosen to pair with the sauce.)

Coat the wings in the sauce, then let them soak up the flavor in the fridge for 30 mins or best left overnight if you have the patience!

Then simply sprinkle with some oil and drop into a hot oven until crispy. If you’re outdoors, just add to the BBQ for an insanely tasty snack. 

This second recipe is even easier.

Totally vegan, spicy, organic and all you need to snack on any time of the day.
They call them Trouble Nuts! I have to agree. The trouble is, you can't stop eating them!

1 -Spread your favourite nuts onto a baking sheet evenly.
2 -Just sprinkle your choice of Dr Trouble onto the nuts and stir.
3- Pre-heat the oven to 140-160 degrees, bake for 30 minutes until the sauce dries and coats the nuts. Then stir them up to bake the other side.
4- Sprinkle with flaked sea salt to your taste. Dust with Cayenne pepper if you’re feeling spicy!
Lemon, smoke, spice and a little heat on cashews, so simple to create and did not last long! Perfect for the weekend or any beer night. Click on blue paragraph headings for more details on recipes.

Dr. Trouble sauce is not like any other, its rich, vibrant and packed with taste. They say it's like an 18 year old malt though it reminded me, at least though the aromas, of an aged Oloroso. And if you are cooking indoors, those aromas are gorgeous as they drift through the open doors!

Like to try these premium sauces? Dr Trouble are working on obtaining local stockists but you can order from the website Be sure and use the discount code corkbilly when ordering!

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