Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Spirit of The White Hag, Pinot Noir Day, Wines Direct, Lebanon, Drinks Theatre, and more on wine, beer and spirits in Cheers #16

Spirit of The White Hag, Pinot Noir Day, Wines Direct, Lebanonand more on wine, spirits and beer in Cheers #16

Spirit of The White Hag 

As we complete our 3-year barrel aging programme, we're opening pre-registration for our Spirit programme, using ex-beer barrels to finish aged Irish Whiskey.
We have a huge collection of barrels taking their place in the whiskey programme, having previously housed some of our most loved barrel aged beers.
We're already 12 months into this project, so the first bottled liquid is coming this winter.
There are 500 places at the founders table.

NZ celebrates Pinot Noir success story

Wind the clock back 20 years and Pinot Noir was barely known, leave alone grown, in New Zealand. But today there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the variety, and on 18 August Kiwis will be doing just that. Full story here. via Jean Smullen

Wines Direct. Ticket to Spain
Buy yourself a ticket to Spain! We figured you may be missing out on a summer holiday right now, so we put together a memorable case of some of our bestselling wines from Spain. It will not replace the white sand between your toes, but there are white wines that will put a smile on your face and reds that are Spanish sunshine in a glass. So, get out the Tapas and get on board! We are going to take you from Rioja to Rias Baixas. See the details here

Lebanon and its winemakers
 now need help!

The devastating explosion that rocked through the port and streets of Lebanon this week also sent shockwaves around the world. But as the dust settles on this unique, vibrant and historic city, the sheer scale of the damage is only just starting to be assessed. It leaves a city, and a country, already on its knees from months of economic and political turmoil that has wiped out people’s savings as its currency has collapsed. Here leading Lebanese journalist and wine critic, Michael Karam, puts this week’s shocking events into context, with a wine industry already dependent on international sales for its future, now desperate for all the support the international wine community can spare it.

More, via The Buyer, here.

Drinks Theatre at Ballymaloe

"Our fourth event of the Summer Series at the Drinks Theatre at Ballymaloe, Seamus McGrath and Colm McCan are delighted to be joined by Sacha Whelan of Smith & Whelan Wines who will present a talk and tasting of a selection of wines - on a Summer’s evening!
Fully seated, socially distanced, limited numbers, pre booking essential - tickets only available through eventbrite - link.

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