A Local and Multinational Feast at Cork's Marina Market

A Local and Multinational Feast

 at Cork's Marina Market

Taylor's New Jersey Roll

You walk past a tall concrete silo into an old warehouse on Cork Docklands. The area has seen better days but rarely better food. 

For this warehouse is full of food stalls and is the base of the thriving Marina Market where influences from as far away as Brazil and Sicily, from East Coast US and Korea, are seen at their delicious best in a variety of dishes, big and small. Of course there is a large local input too, beef from Tom Durcan and spuds in many guises by Prátaí for example.

Languages galore as well. Aside from the spuds,here are a few random samples from the menus: Nua Asador, Fusilli Amatriciana, Latke, Carnitas, Funky Shoom, Koreole, and more. Might have to re-christen that silo Tower of Babel. But you don’t have to worry about the languages. Just get the food into your mouth where no translation is needed! And enjoy.

Picanha Steak by Nua Asador

I started this visit with a call to two stalls from the many that were operating in midweek. First up was the Nua Asador looking rather splendid with the wood fire blazing away in the rear, the whole operation lit by vintage lights (by James Gibbons Electrical). 

Here Chef Victor Franca, in partnership with Tom Durcan Meats, serves up, without gas or electricity, the best of Irish beef in a Brazilian style. You’ll also get chicken and pork here and there’s a daily special. They are open Mon - Sun from 12pm.

The menu appears on a long board, you give your order, pay and then wait for a few minutes for it to be cooked. I couldn’t resist the Picanha Steak with sourdough bread, grilled baby potatoes, chargrilled onions, Farofa, and Chimichurri Sauce (13.00).

Dine out

This is a tender traditional Brazilian rump cut steak, served in a cardboard container on a bed of potatoes, a generous amount of the sauce and that tasty Farofa (a traditional Brazilian side dish made with toasted yuca flour/cassava flour). The steak is a winner for sure and very highly recommended. It reminded me of a phrase from James Joyce in Portrait of a Young Man: "Stuff it into you, his belly counselled him." 

Must call back soon to try some of the other items on the menu. And the same goes for our other call, that to is to Taylor’s of Cork, specialising in New Jersey Rolls, New York Subs and Latke Dishes. Latke are little pancakes with a huge tradition - I'll be checking them out next time.

This time we picked the most popular dish of the day, one of the New Jersey rolls, this called “Make it Rain”. For €8.00 you get Taylor’s Bacon slices, Latke, Cheese, Fried Egg and House Hot Sauce (other sauce options available). The fried egg by the way is runny in all three Jersey Rolls, the others called Sight for Sore Eyes and Lord I’ve Been Changed.

A superb lunch feed, made even better by the fact that we could eat outside in the hot April sun; full of flavour and textures and very enjoyable, even with the messy egg! Taylor's Deli at the market is open seven days a week from 9.00am.

Plenty of soft drinks and water available at the various stalls which also include Sicilian Delights, Prátaí, Poulet Vous, Burritos & Blues, Alchemy for coffee and bites, and many more. There’s even a baby shop here. And you may also get your hair cut. Many reasons to go back to the Marina Market.

Dine in