Thursday, May 19, 2022

Bunnyconnellan is where world’s top food just got better. They simply added Irish lamb shank to Massaman Curry. We are all smiling now!

 Bunnyconnellan is where world’s top food just got better. 

They simply added Irish lamb shank to Massaman Curry. We are all smiling now!

Bunny's Pic of the Lamb and Massaman

You know Thailand is “the land of smiles”. "It's a result of being born in a land where the world's most delicious food is sold on nearly every street corner.”

CNN Travel regularly bring out a list of the world’s top foods and, yes, a food from Thailand, Massaman Curry, scooped the top spot in 2021. "Emphatically the king of curries, and perhaps the king of all foods.”

I didn’t know this when I arrived at Bunny’s in the middle of last week but when I ordered the braised Lamb Shank, Mashed Potatoes, Crispy shallots, Coriander and Massaman Curry, my server told me I was in a for a major treat.

The Monk

And she was spot on. It was amazing. The lamb, (off the bone and shredded) was part of an elegant pile of colourful food, standing like an island in the even more colourful “lake” of the curry. 

Just a portion of a generous
plate of calamari.
And what a combination, put together by a Thai chef in the Bunnyconnellan kitchen where the team is headed up by experienced Dubliner Adam Kavanagh. The curry is moderately spicy, coconut-ty, sweet and savoury to use CNN’s words and the match with the local lamb may not be made in heaven but could well get on the menu of the gods. Bunny’s may be in a cul de sac but this, and some other delicious food, makes it well worth the journey! Get on down.

You’ll be treated royally here and not just because they have the king of curries. Everyone we met here, without exception, was so friendly, so helpful, always with time for a hint, a chat, a smile. They are glad to have two weeks behind them after a winter of closure. Each and every one, including owner Paul and Chef Adam, is looking forward to bringing back evening service. And we wish them all the very best for the season ahead.

The Thais use rice, of course, to mop up the final drops and drizzles of the curry but we Irish have our mash potato and Bunny’s version is a good one for the purpose!

The view. Roche's Point is that white dot across the water, extreme right.
Quick shot, just after tables had been cleaned.

Our other mains was Pan fried Monkfish, Butter Bok Choi, Baby Potatoes, Mussel Butter Sauce. Another cracking dish that did honour to a magnificent piece of fish or pieces as it was beautifully arranged and presented, not to mention well executed! The Bok Choi was an excellent match, the beautiful ensemble enhanced no end by the sauce.

Our lunch had begun well with a Mixed Seafood Fritto Misto, Salsa Verde and Garlic Mayo and also ended well with their Spiced Apple Strudel (with clotted cream and butterscotch sauce) each shared.

As you know, the restaurant, a long time favourites of Corkonians, has a splendid location overlooking the mouth of Cork Harbour with the ocean to your left and right out front. We enjoyed those views too in the warm sunshine but will remember this visit for the lovely staff and the top food in the world! We are all smiling now.

Large ship exits Cork Harbour and is about to pass Table 103!

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