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Sicilian Parmigiana and Irish spuds the highlights of Marina Market visit

Sicilian Parmigiana and Irish spuds the highlights at Marina Market

Sicilian Parmigiana and Irish spuds were the highlights of our most recent visit to the Marina Market. The first came from Dario’s “Sicilian Delights” while the second was provided by Prátaí.

Dario Di Giandomenico is the driving force behind Sicilian Delights who also have a cafe on Magazine Road. He confesses to being a “perfectionist by nature” and that certainly shows in the absolutely delicious Parmigiana. It consists of shallow fried sliced aubergine with tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, then baked. Sicily is one of the southern regions claiming the origin of Parmigiana!

Two stages but fairly simple, yet simply superb. Quite an amazing experience for just eight euro. We just tucked into it, lots of oohs and aah, until the little beauty, with its incredible sauce, had totally vanished from its container. Then, we spoke properly!

You may taste more of these full bodied authentic Sicilian flavours at their market stall, including three versions of Tagliatelle, two versions of Fusilli (one spicy), plus Gnocchi Mushroom and Gnocchi Pesto, each around the eight euro mark. Well, worth a visit.

Read all about Sicilian Delights here, 

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Prátaí mission statement: “Main aim is to celebrate such humble product and giving it a bit of a twist. It will be Baked - Coal Roasted - Smoked. Bringing Best of Irish Potatoes. Fresh cut Chips and Baked Spuds with seasonal toppings."

And they do it, with some style!

Our introduction came via the 10-euro Nacho Fries, vegetarian as it turned out. The base of the container, a generous sized one, is packed with fries and then loaded with Bean Chilli, guacamole, Salsa and Sour Cream. A delightful, slightly spicy, flavoursome package of different colours, tastes and textures and enough to keep you going for the rest of the day. A genuine big thumbs up for this one!

It comes under the Loaded Chips heading on the menu board. Other options in this section include Pulled Pork (Cajun Pork, Zesty Red Slaw, Crispy Onion) and Funky Shroom (Mushroom, Fresh Parsley, Chorizo and Mild Cheddar). Or maybe you’d fancy Crispy Duck (Malaysian Curry, Red Slaw, and Spring Onion).

Another section is headed Baked Potatoes (all spuds come buttered and with cheese). Here you may have Irish (Buttered cabbage, bacon, dill); BBQ Beef (corn, crispy onion, red slaw); Mexican (Bean Chilli, Crispy Jelapenos, Sour cream)

And more.

The basic section is Chips In Cone. Lots of choice here as regards sauces for your chips, cold such as Garlic, Samura and Chic A Fila or hot like Malaysian Curry.  No shortage of toppings either, Bacon Lardons, Chorizo, Parmesan shavings, and crushed cashews among them.

Best thing to do is to visit and check it out for yourself! They are there every day. More details on their Facebook here.  

Time for a coffee?

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