Taste of the Week. Skelligs Milk Chocolate Rose & Pistachio Bar

Taste of the Week. 

Skelligs Milk Chocolate Rose & Pistachio Bar

You immediately think Turkish delight as this gorgeous bar begins to melt in your mouth. And you are correct as this is a delicious blend of the creaminess of milk chocolate and the irresistible aromas of rose, not forgetting the gentle crunch of the pistachio nuts.

"An exotic Turkish delight inspired seduction," according to the Kerry makers. Well we know they have poets and writers in the Kingdom who can get carried away by the magic of words. This time though, I have to agree and the little bar (€2.95 at Bradleys of Cork's North Main Street) is our Taste of the Week.

They will last ten months, I read on the packaging. Very unlikely, methinks, ten minutes more likely!

I see they also have a Gin & Tonic bar available, that could be next on my list! See the range of flavoured bars here.