Thursday, March 25, 2021

Vienna Woods Hotel Excel With Afternoon Tea

 Vienna Woods Hotel Excel With Afternoon Tea

Sweet Surrounds

Arrived in style!

Even Paddy the Dog benefitted!

Cake as far as the eye can see

Paddy knows a good thing!

Bird's eye view

Tier Three

Terrific savoury start on this plate.

Tier Two

Delicious transition here from savoury to sweet. They even supply the
raspberry jam for the scones! And that chocolate cake smashes it.

Tier One
Finalé fit for a queen. All good but that cheesecake was something else.

Thanks a million to the Vienna Woods for gifting the afternoon tea to me (and Paddy). They'll have an even more special afternoon tea (The Mad Hatters) for the Easter Weekend. If you'd like to order it, or indeed any of their Takeaway offers, then head to their website here. For further information, ring 021 4556800 or email 

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