Sunday, March 21, 2021

Glass Curtain "At Home" goes south of the border

Glass Curtain At Home goes south of the border

The sweetest!

Back to the Glass Curtain for last weekend’s “At Home”.  And another winner. We picked the Friday offering and absolutely enjoyed the Mexican themed offering, a mains of Fish Tacos and a Doughnut based dessert.

Most of these At Home offerings have some element of preparation at home and this was no exception. But it is all well thought out, nothing too difficult, the instructions are clear, and they even have a step by step demo on their Instagram stories and you can get more into the mood by tuning into the Glass Curtain playlist on Spotify.

The little pots that make a big difference

So, thanks mainly to the official blog chef, the tortilla dough was rolled out and cooked… the goujons were cooked until golden in the pan.. and the Patatas Bravas were heated up in the hot oven. And they all arrived in perfect edible condition together at the table.

And here a little more magic was added from the small containers: Pico de Gallo, corn salsa and chipotle aioli, nor forgetting a large tub of shredded cabbage. Tacos were assembled and filled and the enjoyable eating began. Every little bit was delightful, a terrific mix of textures and flavours. 

And, like most, if not all, of recent “At Homes”, the portions were generous and so we called a little trou (no, not le trou Normand - I didn’t have any Calvados or Longueville apple brandy in the house!) before the dessert. 

I was thinking the doughnuts would be on the “heavy” side. Not really, after 10 minutes in the oven they were crisp. Again, the extra magic came in little tubs: Cinnamon sugar for tossing, rhubarb jam and vanilla custard for dipping. And so we relished the sweetest thing with a little tart balance coming from the beautiful rhubarb. 

The Menu for w/e 21st March

(See their social media for next weekend)


Fish Tacos, Panko breaded haddock, pico de gallo, sweetcorn salsa, shredded cabbage, flour tortillas, bravas potatoes with lime chipotle aioli

Doughnuts, cinnamon sugar, rhubarb compote, vanilla custard


Chargrilled lamb rump, parsnip and green apple puree, green peas with bacon and lettuce, lyonnaise potatoes

Chocolate chip cookies, caramel sauce


Skeaghanore Chicken and chorizo ballotine, celeriac, baby leeks, smoked potatoes and confit chicken, chicken jus

Caramelised apple tarte tatin, vanilla creme anglaise

Veggie all weekend

Veggie tacos, panko breaded halloumi and sweet potatoes, pico de gallo, sweetcorn salsa, shredded cabbage, flour tortillas, bravas potatoes with lime chipotle aioli 

Served with dessert of the evening.

Check here for latest menus, usually from noon on Mondays.

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