Taste of the Week. Curly Stu's Pizza Special

 Taste of the Week.

 Curly Stu's Pizza Special

Lots of special foods at the Coal Quay Market in the heart of Cork City every Saturday. And now there's another special producer to tempt you. Curly Stu, operating out of a converted horse box, is turning out the most amazing sourdough pizzas, real thoroughbreds based on the Naples line and on the very best of ingredients from home and abroad.

He has a stable full of regulars: Margherita, Pepperoni, and killer Nduja. And always a special. Always well priced, most expensive is 9 euro and you can get three for €22.00 (too good to turn down!).

I called in during last Saturday's sun and showers and found my taste of the week. This special consisted of Pumpkin with Gorgonzola blue cheese, red onion and fresh chives. Another champion for just nine euro, a winning Taste of the Week. 

More about Stu (former long-time head chef at Barnabrow) and his stunning pizzas here. The horsebox can also be found weekly in Newcestown, Cloughduv and Castletown-Kinneigh.