Taste of the Week: Ballyhoura Oyster Mushrooms GIY Block

Taste of the Week

Ballyhoura Oyster Mushrooms GIY Block

Ready to cook: 5th November

Something totally different for the current Taste of the Week, oyster mushrooms with a Grow It Yourself element. Don't worry. It's simple and very delicious.

Must say it doesn't look too promising when it arrived. It being a block in a bag. Gave it a few days rest as instructed, cut the bag as indicated and misted on some water. Left it in a corner of a cool-ish room and soon they began to grow. Five days later, we were picking, cooking and eating. We got about three meals out of that first picking.

Now, stage two is starting. We gave the block a 5-day rest in a cooler room. It's now back in the original position and the misting regime has commenced again - you get full instructions with the block - and we're hoping for another crop (probably not as vigorous as the first) in a few days.

3rd November

Arrival  28th October.
We ordered ours via Neighbourfood and it cost €12.00.
Their current offering is a Nameko Mushroom Growing Kit.
Suitable to be grown inside and outside, a cold loving mushroom. Easy to grow, minimal attention required, will crop within 3-4 weeks.