Taste of the Week. Roughty Foodie: Barnabrow Christmas Pudding

Taste of the Week

Roughty Foodie: Barnabrow Christmas Pudding

Photo via Barnabrow

The Barnabrow Christmas Pudding from Roughty Foodie in the market is a stunning Taste of the Week. Taste of the Season really but I have to start early to let you know where the good things are.

The recipe may be old, over a hundred years in the family at Barnabrow, but this East Cork twist, while traditional, is more suited to the 21st century, dark not black, and definitely not like the old heavy sticky ones.

It is packed full of flavour and some great texture too. Lots of fruit, bound with butter, laced with spices, sprinkled with fairy dust (what, hold on there!), local honey and carrot from their walled garden and further “reinforced” with Jameson and Guinness.

It’s a good thing for sure and available in various sizes. Of course, Margo Ann has all the trimmings at Roughty Foodie including a terrific Brandy Butter from Crossogue Preserves. 

A small stall but just packed - fully stocked as she is looking forward to a very busy Christmas. So packed, you could spend half a day poking around and still not get to the end of it. Perhaps you’d be better off ordering one of her Taste of Cork Food Boxes and have it delivered!

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