Taste of the Week. Future Orchards Apple Juice

Taste of the Week. 

Future Orchard Apple Juice

Future Orchard Cork is based at Upper Glanmire Bridge, to the east of Cork City and they produce our current Taste of the Week, a delicious apple juice made from hand-picked 100% organic Irish Apples. We usually order by the bottle but now we're on to their (big) box, with a tap of course!

We get the juice via Neighbourfood who have quite a selection of local apple juices. Mealagulla were suppliers earlier in the year and we'll also got impressive bottles from Kilbrack Farm and Ballymaloe.

Future Orchard’s 100 Shares Per Hectare concept is an award winning model of community supported agriculture (CSA), showing how  a membership structure can support small funding-independent projects. "We believe that the world we live in needs us to take more ethical and co-operative ownership of our food production systems. Our little project is limited but it hopes to be a seed of change."

If you have apples yourself that you'd like to turn into juice then Future Orchard can help. Check it out here.

Future Orchard is based at Upper Glanmire Bridge.

You'll find them on Twitter and Facebook and here are contact details:

Contact: +353 87 9462280  Not functioning!

Email: futureorchardtrust@gmail.com


future orchard said…
Delighted with the recognition. But our phone number currently does not work. The truth is we got so few calls it went on strike. Small producers depend on YOU x
Cork Billy said…
No bother. Glad to spread the word about the good food and drink coming from small producers.