Sangria Recipe from Kinsale Mead Company. Cheers #5

Sangria Recipe from Kinsale Mead Company. Cheers #5
A nice glass or jug of Mead Sangria is fabulous on a sunny day, barbecue optional. Recreate the full festival experience at home. Here's the foolproof Celtic Mead Sangria Recipe:
2 parts Hazy Summer Mead
1/2 part Cointreau or Triple Sec orange liqueur
1 1/2 parts cranberry juice
Dash of fresh lime juice
Shake over ice with fresh lime juice and garnish with an orange slice.
For a lower alcohol version, try replacing Cointreau with orange bitters.

The Buyer on Exploring New Zealand regionality
Last week, in the first in a series of webinars, New Zealand Winegrowers asked if consumers and the trade can ‘get past the gooseberry’ to talk about Sauvignon Blanc as a wine in its own right. Jane Skilton MW joined three master sommeliers John Szabo, David Keck and Ronan Sayburn, to debate the issue in a debate that was attended by 500 participants worldwide, including Peter Ranscombe...Read More

Another Great Tuscan Vintage
The wine gods were smiling on Tuscany's dress circle again, with another great vintage rolling onto the shelves.
By Tom Hyland | Posted Monday, 01-Jun-2020
Of all the world's great red wines, almost none requires one's patience as much as Brunello di Montalcino.
I'm not necessarily talking about the wine's aging potential here, rather I'm referring to the time you have to wait before the wine is released, as it first becomes available on the market five years after the vintage. More here... via Wine-Searcher

Wine of the Week from Spanish Wine Lover

La Montesa 2017 Tinto

Palacios Remondo, Rioja
This is the first organically certified vintage for La Montesa. Grapes are sourced from the eponymous vineyard on the foothills of Monte Yerga in Rioja Oriental. It shows the positive effects of altitude to offset a hot vintage and to add some punch to Garnacha. Scented nose evoking Mediterranean scrubland. This fruit-driven, lively, delicious red is widely available. A smart buy to carry on drinking well when belts have to be tightened. More here from Spanish Wine Lover

Rockstar Reds from Wines Direct
We came across Pier Paolo Antolini on a quest for new Italian wines. We heard rave reviews about an up and coming winemaker, known by locals as Amarone Boy. After tasting his Valpolicella Ripasso, it will tell you what Amarone Boy is all about - fantastic wines that exemplify the best of Valpolicella with intense aromas and impressive smoothness. See the full line-up here