Amuse Bouche

“Can you pass the okra, please?” I ask.
My mother passes the okra.
“So," she pivots, seeing as her previous topic baited no one, “Ayoola said there is a cute doctor at your work.”
I drop the bowl of okra and it spills on the table - it is green and filmy, quickly seeping into the floral tablecloth.
I dab at it with a cloth but I can barely hear her - my thoughts are eating my brain.

from My Sister The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite (2018). Highly Recommended.

Photo via Pixabay


Roz said…
Interesting, Billy. Okra is possibly the only vegetable that I cannot stand. The texture, ugh! Looks elegant in that pic.
Cork Billy said…
Can't remember when I last came across it! And I don't have any pics myself. Sometimes Pixabay comes in very handy.