Blacks Of Kinsale Laying Down Whiskey, and more on wine, beer and spirits in Cheers #8

Single Malt or Single Pot Still?
Whats the difference

The difference is the grain bill?
Single malt whiskies are produced using only malted barley and are the output of a single distillery.  Blacks of Kinsale, best known up to now for their beers, gin and rum, are now laying down their own whiskey! More here.
The Variety Bacchus in British Wine
A belief in British still wine and the potential of the variety Bacchus within that spurred Tom Denning on during his MSc in Viticulture & Oenology at Plumpton College. In order to assist winemakers in really poor years, and help them produce wines with a lower ABV, Denning investigated whether the addition of an enzyme to juice pre-inoculation can increase the volatile thiol aromatic profile of early harvested Bacchus...Read More Plumpton College is where many winemakers get their education; Irishmen Dermot Sugrue and Simon Tyrrell among them.
Rye River Brews Up A Record

On Linkedin, Peter Maguire, Sales Director at Rye River Brewing Company, reported a record week...
Another record breaking week at Rye River Brewing Company! To think that only 3 years ago a 19 brew length week was a great performance from our little brewhouse (2,500L). This week we broke through a new milestone and saw our team of Brewers deliver 35 brew lengths in 5 days!!

Wines Direct MakeThe Case for Influential Winemaker Susana Balbo
Susana Balbo was voted one of the "Ten Most Influential Women in the Wine World" in 2018 by Drink Business Magazine and has been instrumental in the transformation of quality table wines in Argentinean viticulture. Her wines have been among the favourites at Wines Direct for years running so much, so she needed a case dedicated solely to her work. More details here

Lillet: the classic aperitif from Bordeaux
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