Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Sunny Rosso. The Poor Man’s Amarone!

A Sunny Rosso
The Poor Man’s Amarone!

Gran Passione Rosso 2013 (Veneto IGT 2013), 14%, €13.99 Karwig Wines .

From the area around Venice, comes this blend of Merlot (60%) and Corvina. Corvina is the principal grape in red Valpolicella wines. The interesting thing here is that the grapes are dried in the sun before pressing (similar to how Amarone is made). This process helps towards a more intense wine and that is the case here. Very Highly Recommended, a very good wine at a lot less than you'd pay for an Amarone.

Colour is dark red/purple with a fairly intense fruity aroma. It is smooth, with concentrated fruit flavours and slight spice. Some tannins also but nothing too grippy. Really well balanced and a very pleasing finish indeed.

Cantina di Soave Recioto di Soave Classico 2009, 12.5%

Again the grapes (white) are dried for this sweet wine, the drying process nowadays helped by technology with which the producers can control the development of botrytis. Colour is a honey/gold and ripe fruits dominate in the aroma. Sweet fruits on the palate but with a great freshness and tempered by a crisp acidity before a very pleasant fruity finish.

This is not at all a cloying dessert wine, closer to a Jurancon moelleux than a Sauternes, and I'm sure you’ll find an occasion for it. Perhaps as an aperitif, with certain desserts, and even as an after dinner drink.

The label writer was in good form here (not sure the Google translation does him or her justice): Has the colour of the sun. The scent of seasonal and wildflower honey. Velvet personality and persistent.

Got this as a present from Italy. Maybe you’ll get lucky too. If not, it might be worth trying for it (or something similar) at Le Caveau or Corkscrew Wine Merchants.

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