Taste of the Week. Highbank Orchard Syrup

Taste of the Week
Highbank Orchard Syrup
Highbank's Julie and her syrup at Ballymaloe last Saturday.

Highbank Orchard Syrup is not a new product - it has been around for about four years - but it is a top class Irish product and it is our Taste of the Week. It has many uses, aside from obvious ones such as drizzling it on your pancakes and porridge.

Here is a list I got at the Ballymaloe Garden Festival last weekend where Highbank Organic Orchards had a stand:
Drizzle it on blue cheese;
Drizzle it on rice pudding;
Drizzle it on French Toast;
Drizzle it on Waldorf Salad;
Drizzle it on fruit salad and yoghurt;
Glaze on oven vegetables and ham;
Decorate paté and terrine;
With sausages;
Drizzle on vegetable soup;
Drizzle on flapjacks;
Drizzle on Banana.

So you can see it is a very versatile syrup indeed and a very tasty one too. And don't worry if the bottle goes down slowly - it will last for ten years. But, a word of warning. Keep it at “ambient” temperature; don’t store it in the fridge as it will go solid and become unusable.