Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let me introduce you to Lemberger

Let me introduce you to Lemberger

Burg Ravensburg (baden) 2011, Lemberger Trocken, 13.5%, €18.10 Karwig Wines 
A few weeks back, I’d never heard of the grape variety called Lemberger. Now, I’d like to introduce you all to it. This particular bottle from Germany showed deep red colours and had lovely flavours of dark fruits (cherry and plum, for me). On the palate, it unfolded with a velvety feel, juicy, and with gorgeous flavours of the fruits impressing. Mild spicy traits were also evident and it has an excellent long finish.

The Lemberger variety was imported to Germany from Eastern Europe, possibly from Hungary, in the 18th century and has been called the “Pinot Noir” of the East. A new wine in the Karwig line-up and a super surprise, well worth a try and Highly Recommended.

Baden is a region for quality wine in Germany and is located in the historical region of Baden in south-western Germany, which today forms part of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The winery, which recommends matching the Lemberger with game, lamb and beef, is not too far from Stuttgart.

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