Wednesday, August 14, 2013

White Gypsy on the Dubbel

Gypsy on the Dubbel
White Gypsy Belgian Dubbel, 8% abv, Bradley's, North Main Street, Cork.
The best craft brewer in Ireland? Heard that kind of praise for Tipperary’s White Gypsy recently. Not too long afterwards, I took a sup of this one. Wow!

It is mouth friendly, taste buds all quickly awake. No shortage of flavours, even a little spiciness, but the very friendly contact spells not excess but a smooth sophistication. Cool for sure but also strong.

The whole package, including the 8% abv and the 75cl bottle size, is aimed at food matching and White Gypsy says this is "an excellent choice for grilled oily fish like tuna or salmon". Would not argue.

Dubbel is "now understood to be a fairly strong (6 to 8% abv) brown ale, with understated bitterness, fairly heavy body and a pronounced fruitiness and cereal character. Example: Chimay Red/Premiere".

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