Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Good Food, and a Matching View, at Murph’s

Good Food, and a Matching View, at Murph’s
Enjoyed a lovely lunch and a matching view at Murph’s, the restaurant cum bar at East Ferry, about halfway on the estuary road signposted from the Midleton-Whitegate Road. I prefer to drive to Saleen, turn right through the village and then take the left at the fork. This takes you down to the water, to Saleen Creek in particular, and the restaurant is straight ahead. If you want to work up an appetite you can combine a walk and drive.

Staff are very friendly and efficient here and we got a warm welcome for our lunchtime call. Soon, we were at our table, studying the menu and a packed Specials Board. They don’t stock any local craft beers but I enjoyed my glass of Ackerman Merlot from France.
Jason's Chicken
 From the board, I picked Jason’s Chicken Parmagiana with a Provençal sauce, mozzarella cheese, sautéed potatoes and salad (14.95). Quite a plateful really but very well cooked indeed; the salad was well dressed and the sauce was terrific. Good food, good value.

CL’s choice was Pan Fried Hake with scallops on mashed potato with seasonal vegetables and cherry tomatoes (17.95). Again, this was well cooked and very very tasty indeed, though the cream based sauce (not particularly wanted) wasn't mentioned in the description.

There is a very comfortable eating area around the bar but these warm days you may also eat outside, across the road or on an adjacent patio with views out over the east passage of the harbour, across to the Great Island and the East Ferry Marina. More on the walk here.
Hake & Scallops

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