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Food And Drink Spotting

Food And Drink Spotting
Taste of the Week by McCarthy's Natural Dairy from Macroom.
This Lemon Labneh is a strained natural yoghurt and can be used as a
substitute for soft cheese. Works well with strawberries, on biscuits,
smoked salmon etc. Tried it with the salmon and enjoyed.
Stockists, for this and other McCarthy products,
 include Bradley's, North Main Street.

L'Atitude 51
Castle Oliver, a magnificent Irish Castle built with Red Sandstone in the Scottish Baronial style on 15 acres with breathtaking views of the Ballyhoura mountains in Ardpatrick, Co. Limerick, will be opening its doors to the public for National Heritage Week. Historical guided tours from Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th August 2013, see more info at

To mark the occasion and celebrate Ireland’s oldest cellar, L’Atitude 51 will be hosting a series of Wine Tastings deep in Castle Oliver’s cellar. Four different wines with a distinctly Irish connection will be presented and tasted, along with a glimpse into some of the secrets of this historical cellar.

Tastings: Saturday 17th Aug and Sunday 18th, 2 pm and 5pm.

Barton & Guestier's Easy Pairings

‘The Pairing Collection’ are appellation wines coming from four of the most prestigious wine regions of France (Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Loire and Rhone) and centres on the perfect food and wine pairing experience. With three reds and two whites, ‘The Pairing Collection’ offers French wine that’s right for any occasion, whether you are preparing a celebration for your family or grabbing a burger with friends. The collection is made up of five wines: Chops & Burgers (Bordeaux Red), Salmon & Trout (Bordeaux White), Chicken & Turkey(Côtes du Rhône), Lobster & Shrimp (Muscadet Sèvre et Maine), and Cheese & Crackers (Beaujolais Villages).
Not sure what to cook for dinner? No problem! A personal recipe from Barton & Guestier's Chef de Cuisine Frédéric Prouvoyeur and a QR code is located on the back label of each bottle, linking you to a dedicated website which features lists of additional recipes that go perfectly with each wine.

Maperath Farm

We really hope that you can make it to a lovely event we have on August 24th just outside Kells on Maperath Farm. An afternoon of 'soap box' style discussion on current trends, controversy & visions for food production and food tourism in Ireland. We have a great panel including Pauric White from the Forge Restaurant and Cookery School, Kevin Sheridan of Sheridan’s Cheesemongers, Michael Hoey MD of Country Crest, Daphne Le Vinge Shakleton of Lakeside Organic farm along with guests from the Department of Agriculture, Food Bloggers, Foragers, Food writers and more!

Join us in the 'Big talk tent on the little farm' on Saturday August 24th where we will take the lid off all the steaming topics of food in Ireland........

It's FREE, fun and only a couple of hours but please let us know you are coming!

Duck a l'Orange with Carrots, Chicory and Fennel at the Citron in the Fitzwilliam Hotel (Dublin).Check out the Autumn  Menu here

Country Choice on Tour was the destination for international TV chef Bobby Chinn's intro to Irish Hereford beef. Peter did flash fried Hereford ribeye with a Dillisc and sea salt crust served with Caramelised onions, Cashel blue cheese and warm griddle bread. The food was all cooked on open griddles at the Nenagh show. Chef Bobby judged some of the cake classes in the Industries hall.
Chef Bobby also featured Ballymaloe House, The English Market and Aniar in Galway.
Bobby told Minister for food Tom Hayes that the Nenagh Hereford was the best beef he ever tasted!

This is cachaca. Pronounced k-saw-sha, it is a fermented beverage distilled from raw sugar cane. People around the world have been drinking it for generations in a cocktail called a caipirinah, the national cocktail of Brazil.  Novo Fogo  produces cachaca in a zero-waste distillery. Read more here 

Glenisk Pop-Up
When: Saturday August 17th, 12:30 – 2pm
Where: Glenisk Pop Up Shop @ 51 Dawson St, Dublin 2
Who:  The Glenisk team and Caitriona Redmond

Caítríona Redmond is the voice behind the fantastic food blog Wholesome Ireland.
Mother & wife, Caítríona began her foodie writing on becoming a full-time stay at home mum. In the current climate Caítríona, like many of us, found herself trying to feed her family within the constraints of a tighter budget. Wholesome Ireland is about Caítríona herself and how she manages to do just this while providing nutritious, tasty and healthy meals for her family. The blog is a wealth of knowledge with articles such as Saving Money in the Sun & How Not to Go Shopping along with purse friendly recipeslunch box ideas and home- made alternatives to many of the higher priced store products.
The Frugal Family Food Demo will be an opportunity to pick up some tips from Caítríona on making savings and cooking for your family and also some delicious recipes to try at home. 

To register for your place on this demo, please and put ‘Frugal Family Food Demo’ in the subject line.

Hope to see you there! 

Featuring the Beringer winery
Working with family can cause headaches, even divide a family, but it can also bring a family closer, allowing it to sustain for generations. The greatest thing about family, though, is that they are not always blood relatives. Beringer Winery is the longest operating winery in California, and it seems that once one is there, they never leave. The ability to sustain tradition while innovating for the future is at the heart of the Beringer family. Maybe that’s why they are the only winery to ever have a red and white be Wine Spectator‘s number one wine. See more on very interesting video here

Recent Video Work by Roger Overall
Any food producer looking for ways to promote his or her products could do worse than take a look at these recent promotional videos.
The Poacher’s Inn:
Sage and the 12 mile menu:

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