Friday, August 16, 2013

Local and Lovely at Greene’s

Local and Lovely at Greene’s
Great to walk into Greene’s the other night and see old friends like Ummera, Ardsallagh and Ballyhoura Mushrooms. Well, not see the people, but their excellent produce which features strongly on the new menu. So well done to new Spanish Chef Vero (Veronica) for sticking with the top local produce and for handling it and cooking it so splendidly. We had a terrific meal.

Started off with some lovely breads. The brown, with some Guinness involved, was outstanding. Then came an Amuse Bouche, a chilled Beetroot Soup. A few excellent spoonfuls and the taste-buds were wide awake and ready for the starter.

Had already enjoyed some smoked salmon at lunch-time so had to pass on the Ummera and choose the Chicken Madeira Paté, Pickled Cucumber, toasted Sourdough Baguette. Really well presented and very enjoyable indeed. CL’s Prawn and Crab cakes with orange and grapefruit segments and coriander crème fraiche and lime and ginger was on the lighter side and very tasty indeed.

Top: Amuse, Prawn & Crab cakes
Middle: Duck
Bottom: Pate and Risotto
Have come across some excellent risottos recently and Vero’s Risotto with Ballyhoura Wild Mushrooms with truffle oil and a rocket salad was well up to that high standard. Great aromas, great flavours and really good value as well. 

While I went to North Cork for my mains, CL travelled west and came up with Skeaghanore Farm Duck Breast with Ratatouille stuffed Tomato, Confit Potatoes, Red Wine and Shallot Sauce, another impressive dish. That stuffed tomato was a nice touch.

Now the line was in sight and dessert loomed. We called it a draw and shared the splendid looking and splendid tasting Millefeuilleof Pineapple Crisps with Lemon Curd and Raspberries with blueberry and Violet Sorbet. Light and lovely. Just like herself!

Oh, nearly forgot to tell you about the wine. They have quite a long list here and we compromised on a red, the Il Bucco Abruzzo Montepulciano 2011, with sweet dark fruits but well balanced and a smooth finish. So after that gorgeous dessert, two happy customers made a smooth exit, taking a long glance at the waterfall as we headed for the archway onto the street.

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